New Alien Game Coming From The Guys Who Make… Total War

New Alien Game Coming From The Guys Who Make… Total War

British studio Creative Assembly, best known for its work on the Total War franchise of PC strategy games, is currently developing a game based on Ridley Scott’s original 1979 horror masterpiece.

Aside from the fact it’s being developed “for consoles”, there’s little other information available at this time, though more details should pop up later in the day via an official release from publishers Sega.

While CA is renowned for its expertise in strategy games, it has made a few action titles, including 2005’s Spartan: Total Warrior and 2008’s Viking: Battle for Asgard.


  • Tactical survival horror please… like Aliens on the Commodore, or maybe Enemy Infestation.

  • Interesting, but how about we get Gearbox’s highly promising Aliens: Colonial Marines out into the light of day first? The last AVP went from announcement all the way through to release in the time it’s taken Sega to release the teaser trailer for A:CM.

  • The last AVP was bloody awful. It suffered at least slightly all over the place, not limited to the fact that it was a console-lead. The PC port was ugly and controlled funny.

    Breaking up the narrative into discreet ‘missions’ that rated you like an old Doom level was a terrible idea that broke immersion and made the whole thing feel very arcadey.

    Colonial Marines could be good, but I’m witholding judgement until i get my hands on it.

    Turning a slow, dark psychological/body horror masterpiece into an action game makes me sad as hell. At least make it a survival horror or something. Like The Thing. Which was pretty average, too.

  • Something that has no colonial marines or predators in it pls. It has been done 50x before. Something on a fresh perspective would be nice. I’d play it!

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