New Catherine Screens Subtitle Sheep In English

No longer will sheep speak confuse fans of Catherine's brand of erotic horror puzzle platformer adventure, thanks to new media from the North American version of the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 game.

So, to sum up, here are more images of the localised Catherine, coming to North American consoles on July 26. Get your fill of anxiety-laden English language dialogue in the gallery above.


    IM kind of interested in this game. I ignored it for the longest time, then a couple of weeks ago I accidently clicked on a video preview for it and thought it looked good.

    Though I still dont know if I wil take the risk and buy it, it a tight year money wise and im down to buying one game per month instead of all games everywhere.

    Fantastic! Is it coming to Australia?

      With no R18+ rating at this point, it's a big fat NO.

        I don't think it's an R game, is it? I've played the first few chapters, and there's nothing in it that bad (so far). Most of the sex stuff is suggested, and certainly isn't any worse than what was in Killer 7 or No More Heroes.

        But, I'm not that far in yet. The language barrier is proving to be a bit greater than I first thought it'd be.

    Thing is, I don't think this game is very marketable on the western front. It will most likely only appeal to weeaboos.


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