New PES 2012 Screens Show Improved ‘Jostling’

New PES 2012 Screens Show Improved ‘Jostling’

Just last night EA revealed info on the year-on-year improvements to its soccerball franchise FIFA 12, now it’s the turn of Konami to start talking up PES 12. Starting with these new screenshots.

It’s funny how great minds think alike. FIFA 12 seems to be moving towards a greater replication of the physicality of soccer, with its ‘impact engine’ – PES 12 is doing similar things with an attempt to update it’s own ‘jostling’ system. The end goal of both, it seems, is to provide a slicker, more fluid game of soccer.

It’s hard to tell from static screenshots, and it’s especially hard to cut through the PR bollocks of names like ‘impact engines’ and ‘jostling systems’, but it’ll be interesting to see just how much of an impact these changes will have on the game itself. FIFA’s new dribbling system, implemented over the past few years has been revolutionary and, to an extent, PES has been playing catch up ever since.

But unlike Konami, who appeared to take their foot off the gas when they had the better game, EA just continues to accelerate. I’ve much preferred FIFA in the last couple of years. Maybe this year will be the year when things get a little more competitive again.


    • But … it’s not possessive.

      “… now it’s the turn of Konami to start talking up PES 12.”
      “… now it is the turn of Konami to start talking up PES 12.”

      If the sentence was written:

      “Konami has now taken it’s turn to start talking up PES 12.”

      You’d be absolutely correct. But as it stands, it’s grammatically proper.

  • It’s not at all hard to cut through the “impact engine” that EA has proposed. It makes perfect sense, and there’s a youtube video showing illustrative examples.

    A new jostling system, however, is tougher to understand without seeing it in action.

  • Note to self, read text properly to save self from thinking “Man, why would PES need new and improved Janis Joplin?!”

  • You are all overlooking the most important issue.

    Cassano is being confronted by a Majini. Whilst Sneijder IS one.

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