New TAS Attorney-General Supports R18+

Pro R18+ Attorney-General for Tasmania David Bartlett resigned earlier this month, which sent alarm bells ringing for some. Thankfully, we’ve just gotten word that his successor, Brian Wightman, is following Bartlett by supporting the introduction of an adult rating for video games.

We have been trying to get in contact with Wightman, and are expecting a phone call today, but later last week journalism student, and Kotaku reader, James Sheppard interviewed him for an assigment, and asked him about his stance.

During the interview Wightman claimed that he fully intended to push for an R18+ rating at the next SCAG meeting.

“It’s not going to completely stop children getting this material,” he said, “it will reduce those that do and it definitely won’t make things worse.”

Despite the fact that you would expect Brian Wightman to follow in the footsteps of his predecessor in his support of an R18+ rating for video games, it’s still a relief to hear it confirmed.

We’ve just gotten off the phone with Brian Wightman’s office who confirmed his stance. We’ll be speaking to him on more detail soon, hopefully this Friday.

Thanks to James Sheppard, for letting us know and providing the quotes.

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