Next Resident Evil Movie Might Be Called "Retribution," Says Milla

Milla Jovovich takes a bunch of fan mail via Twitter, yet actually responds to it. When someone jokingly asked the Resident Evil star if the next film would be subtitled "Begins," (it was the name used in an April Fool's Day joke this year) she answered seriously.

no, its not called"begins"lol! it"began" 10 yrs ago! lol! i think its called RE: Retribution, but i have to ask paul 2 b sure.

Paul is Paul W.S. Anderson, the film's producer.

Jovovich also tweeted that scenes for the film, whatever it is called, will be filmed in Tokyo-"1 of my favourite cities in the world!"

Milla Jovovich Tweets About the New Resident Evil Movie [Destructoid]


    I'd just be happy if we could call it 'good'...

      I just be happy if we could call it "better than the last one" - which really shouldn't be hard.

    This going to be the 8th sequel or something right?
    I never even bothered seeing the 2nd one etc.

    All the sequels are one big blurry cloud beginning with R that I might get around seeing in marathon-format one day, and if they promise not to make any more.

    I still don't get this reputation that the films have. Yes, they're very different from the games, but they're the games. It's like regular Spider-man and Ultimate Spider-man, different takes on the same idea.

    Although I will concede that Afterlife wasn't that great.

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