NHL 2K12 Ain’t Happening

NHL 2K12 Ain’t Happening

2K Sports yesterday confirmed that NHL 2K12 will not be published on any console, likely ending that simulation’s run.

Unable to gain traction against EA Sports’ NHL series, 2K put NHL 2K on a one-year hiatus last year, ostensibly to return with a breakthrough game built on a two-year cycle. The series still published on the Wii, last year where it was met by EA Sports’ NHL Slapshot.

Now both bids are over. “2K Sports will not release an NHL title for consoles this year,” the company told Kotaku, without any elaboration. 2K Sports published NHL 2K11 for the iPhone and iPad last year. There is no competing NHL product from EA Sports on those devices.

The cancellation leaves 2K Sports with MLB 2K and the widely acclaimed NBA 2K series as its licensed sports simulation titles. Its third-party exclusive contract with Major League Baseball expires next year, and if commentary from Take-Two’s senior leadership is any guide, it is unlikely to be renewed. Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick has called the licence “a losing proposition.”


  • goddamn it

    I much prefer 2K’s sports titles to EA’s, the only EA sports game I bother getting is Madden

    NBA, NHL and MLB are all better from 2K IMO (well MLB has The Show but I am a 360 gamer so I have to play 2K but for what I want its a great game)

  • i used to buy 2k nhl games because they were better then i played ea’s nhl ’10… and i swapped which was a great choice. seeing how ice hockey is the only sport i actually enjoy (aside from skateboarding) thier the only sport games i buy.. too bad its a pain in the ass to find copies of nhl in australia….

  • the nhl 2k series really hasnt changed much at all since like 2k7, ea’s game is much better and gets better every year, imo the ea nhl series is probably the best sports game available. also i hope ea gets the rights to mlb back because MVP baseball 2005 was probably the best baseball game ever made for all platforms (I still play it on my ps2 from time to time), and a new mlb game from ea will probably rival the show

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