Nothing Says Mario Like $US465 Latex

Those blue overalls. The red shirt. All in latex. The only thing that's missing is a rear-front crotch zip. Oh, Etsy seller Shhhcouture will add that, too, for only $US14!

The "Super Mario Inspired Two Piece Cosplay Dressup" has also Bullet Bills on the red top. The whole, one-off geddup costs $US465, not including the previously mentioned zipper crotch.

There is also an "Aeon Flux Inspired Cosplay Comic Gaming Outfit" if that catches your fancy. The outfit comes with removable chest pieces.

Super Mario Inspired Two Piece Cosplay Dressup by shhhcouture [Esty via Gamefreaks via That Girl's Site]


    surely the expensive thing here would be paying the pro to wear it

    This makes me think Katy Perry for some reasons.

    Insert "1-UP Her!" joke here.

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