Now Everybody Can Play APB Again For Free

Now Everybody Can Play APB Again For Free

Proof that you can’t keep a moderately okay multiplayer online game down, GamersFirst launches the open beta testing phase for APB: Reloaded. Welcome back to San Paro!

Originally launched in June of last year, Realtime World’s APB showed a lot of promise, with many referring to it as an online version of Grand Theft Auto. Turns out the game was a lot like an online Grand Theft Auto, only not particularly enjoyable. Between the games bugs, its bizarre pricing structure, and its developer going into administration, APB lasted all of three months before it got the axe.

But then there was hope! In November, publisher GamersFirst picked up the property and ran with it, promising an updated free-to-play version of the game in 2011. Now it’s 2011, and that free-to-play game is now open to all comers.

Today players should be able to create a GamersFirst account, download the game, and start playing. Returning players can expect a tweaked skill system, a new way to witness, and plenty of new items in the in-game store. New players can expect a video game with cars and shooting. Who doesn’t like cars and shooting?


  • Ah, I remember APB from the good old days of the Lynx. Still got it, where you drive a police car around wearing people down with your siren and shooting at them, picking up donuts etc.

    Oh wait, there are two APBs. Silly people. And they both have cars and shooting!

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