Obsidian Is Sorry That Fallout: New Vegas Was So Buggy

Obsidian Is Sorry That Fallout: New Vegas Was So Buggy



  • im slowly starting to actually hate this company, first they ruined KOTOR2, then they bought out alpha proticol and then the new vegas launch issues that took ages to fix. Not impressed

      • Agreed. KoTOR 2 actually made some significant improvements over the first, and Obsidian are very good at constructing engaging stories.

    • You try squeezing every last drop of life out of a dead engine and see where it gets you.

      Fallout 3 was just as buggy, at least the PS3 version I played was.

      Obsidian has made some of the best games out there, They acknowledged that they accepted an impossible deadline for KotoR2, but it was still a great game.

      The scope of Alpha Protocol became clear to me at the end, the way EVERY SINGLE one of your actions affected what would happen next. Sure there were a few irritating parts in it, but so do most other games. It was an RPG….and if you tried to play it like a Shooter…you’d obviously hate it.

      New Vegas had as many bugs as Fallout 3 did, its the nature of the engine and the insane amount of choices you can make and millions of objects interacting with one another.

      Obsidian have the balls to try and shoot the moon…sometimes they dont quite make it, but the games they put out are often better than generic crap other devs put out.

      I love Obsidian and will continue to support them by buying the games they put out that I want to play.

  • Buggy? No game was released as intended. Remember you start the game after having brain surgery for a bullet wound to the head. Of course you would experience weird stuff happening while you recover.

  • NV is still a fscking awesome game, though. Would have been better without teh bugs, but still was GOTY-awesome.

  • love the game. spent around 90 hrs and seen around 5-6 bugs that forced me to shut the 360 down. annoying but would do it all again.
    (and probebly will)

  • The game’s bugs make me laugh. I consider this a bonus feature. Enhances the comedic element. The best I’ve experienced so far is walking into a mine and it misinterpreting the dungeon for a pool of water. I’m just walking along with an O2 meter going and the sound of bubbles. Hilarious.

    • For me, the weirdest thing is when i use the weathered 10mm pistol, the screen goes red and when I switched the view to 3rd person I saw a giant red triangle on my character…

  • I played the game for around 40 – 50 hours right through, and didnt have one glitch or game crash.

  • Don’t be sorry . Obsidian shot for the stars and almost got there. The game was awesome and would have been dull if devs played it safe.

  • This apology is a bit on the late side. Then again, if Obsidian had been apologising for the bugs shortly after release, I most likely would have just quipped “stop apologising and fix the damn game already!” Yeah, I can be quite the ass from time to time.

  • Obsidian are to RPG’s what Treyarch are to FPS’s, the stuff they make looks the same as the original developers work but there is always something lacking. Most of their games are mediocre at best.

  • “I’m sorry” needs to be their company tag line, I think… great ideas, but they need to hire a half-decent project management team. :/

  • Still wating for them to fix my caravan pack, its been 3 mouths now how mutch longer do I haft to keep wating tell it gets fixed OMMFG!!!!!

  • You’re sorry? Thats it? What about all the people that bought the game when it first came out and paid $60 for it? I was lucky enough to grab it for only $20 but thats not the point. Game companies hype these games then charge insane amounts for them and you can’t even play them. Remember Dragon Age II? There was at least 3 quest I could not complete cause the game glitched and I can’t finish FONV because it either freezes during gameplay or when loading. These companies take your money and you can’t do anything about it because of the “It’s opened so you can’t return it” policy. So here is what I have to say to Obsidian’s “We’re sorry” FUCK YOU!

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