Ocarina Included In Ocarina Of Time 3D Premiums

French gaming site Le Mag Jeux Video got pictures of what appear to be the official premiums for The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D; it includes a wooden (or wood-patterned) pen and a plastic ocarina with the holes identified by their note. I had no idea an ocarina looked like a blue athletic cup.

The site had no information on what products will include these premiums, how you get them, or if they're available in Europe or all regions. Just the claim they're official. The bag in which they were packaged said it was imported by a German company. The instructions are in english.

More images at the link.

Goodies Collector: An Ocarina and a Pen for Zelda OOT 3D [Le Mag Jeux Video]


    wtf is with the stupid looking pen/stylus/whatever it is?

      considering that this is a DS game, im surprised that you didnt come up with the answer yourself

    It looks like something you might find in a happy meal.

      My thoughts exactly. Who would even want this cluttering their house? Honestly we need to stop supporting this special edition nonsense because this is what it's coming to!!!

    At least my ocarina shines a bit. This one just looks really cheap.

    Think I'll just stick to my ocarina thankyou, it's prettier and presumably sounds a hell of a lot nicer.

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