Ocarina Of Time Comes With An Actual Ocarina - In Australia

While only French gaming press were given real, working instruments to go with their copies of Ocarina of Time 3D, in Australia, anyone can get one.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina Edition 3DS, available only at EB Games, includes a copy of Ocarina of Time 3D along with a plastic ocarina, which even has sheet music for all the tunes you can play in the game.

Serious Ocarina fans, if you have any friends in Australia, now is the time to call them. Unless you're already in Australia, in which case, it's nice getting the opposite of shafted every now and again, isn't it?

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina Edition 3DS [EB Games]


    Any idea if this is coming anywhere outside of Aus? Really interested in it but not living there anymore ><. Would suck if I had to ship it to Japan at stupid rates

    With the exchange rate this would cost those poor yanks a bomb

    yeah, but they'll probably charge us $90 for it....


    If you're a fan of Ocarina's, you already recognise this site.

      This x100

      You don't need a plastic Ocarina, if you are a real fan you would have one already.

    Warm fuzzy feelings - wallet tingling.

    I was always surprised by how easy to play an ocarina was. In a way it's sort of like using a console controller but with holes where the button would be. The songs are then really long, rythm based, combos. Of course I'd never actually blow into my controllers, that privillege is reserved for my old NES carts.

    Pre ordered:D I AM SO PUMPED!

    "What's the opposite of shafted?"
    "No, not that far away from shafted"

    It is becoming obvious to me that I am on the wrong side of the world...

    I live in Australia (Melbourne) and this is an interesting sales pitch (but also looks like another EB Games draw for attention on there already high prices). It would be cool to have a little ocarina to play tunes on (zelda's lullaby would be cool!) but honestly it would be something id lose or throw into the drawer after a little while, the game is what you pay for!

    ...wish it was out now!!!

    until we find out the price is $200+ because its zelda.

    I think I might have just entered shock. *Foams at mouth*

    Australia... first time ever we got an exclusive? Seriously.

      The Gold Phantom Hourglass chest for DS bonus was an Aussie exclusive.


    But what if you don't have a 3DS ;-;

      You can have fun playing the Ocarina and staring at the cool cover case/box...

      Which is what i will be doing T_T

    But I already bought an ocarina when I was on holiday in Japan... Looks like I'm getting another one :)

    Call me a nerd, but I already have an ocarina, bought it for $15 when I was at my local music shop buying a pedal for my bass. It is hard as shit to play, probably because the only wind instrument I ever played was the sax, and that was for 4 weeks in grade 3. Although I can play the song of time on the four hole ocarina app by smule on my iPhone.

    On the gaming side of things, OTT and the recent news of my favourite metal gear coming out on the 3DS has pretty much sold me, but I think I'll hang out to see if there are any limited edition 3DS's that eventuate. I'm hoping for an oldschool foxhound logo on one.

    Preordered and I dont evenhave a 3DS.....

      Also, In reply to people saying it is just an EB sales pitch, I am thinking of it as an investment, considering the limited release this title may be getting and the fact that people in the UK may pay a decent price for it down the track (I also take great care of my games and boxes, still have all the mint boxing for my N64 games).

        Coming as someone who also collects this stuff, I'm not so sure it's a good idea. This isn't so much a limited edition as it is a simple pre-order bonus.

        Compare Minish Cap and Phantom Hourglass.

        Minish Cap came out with the gold GBA SP and was a limited edition that is now extremely hard to find now = $$$, Phantom Hourglass wasn't and its limited edition consoles, bonuses (case and figurines) are a dime a dozen.

        Seeing as EVERY copy is getting the free ocarina, this is most likely the latter. Get it if you want to play the game at some stage. Otherwise, there are much better ways to invest rather than sitting on a game for a decade with <50% profits.

    Just Bought my copy yesterday off the ebay perorder from UK I'm not waiting until the 30th Of June, its release on the 17th Of June in Europe, thank you exchange rate 55 dollars I got it for!!!! still playing OOT on the Gamecube

    I wonder if EBGames will separate the package and sell the Ocarina as a pre-owned item for $50 and the stand alone game for full RRP.


      No, because they are EB they will sell all preowned for more than original RRP.

    Nintendo first party game. Special edition. EB Games.

    Yep, this won't be cheap :D

    Yeah, guys... it's the same price that they had the standard edition for; $68.

    For anyone who wants an Ocarina without the game, I'd suggest one of the Songbird ones:

    I've got the $45 sweet potato one. It's small, looks pretty and is very easy to play. It makes a surprisingly good sound.

    Good idea to offer a good quality ocarina over this plastic crap!
    Still haven't got one, been looking at them since seeing docjazz4 on Youtube.

    When it comes to Zelda at least, Aussies have had it pretty well-off.

    The Phantom Hourglass DS launch gave us the golden DS chest/case that no-one else got.

    Australia was also the easiest territory, if you wanted to get the Zelda: Collector's Edition GCN disc with both 2x barcodes as well as simply buying the console.

    And unlike the US, our Ocarina of Times never came in the grey cartridge. We only ever got the 'limited edition' golds.

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