Oh Yeah ... PlayStation Network Is Back Online In Japan

If you're on the PlayStation Network in Japan, chances are you already know this. Chances are you are also asleep as it's past 3 a.m. now. But just to make a record of it, PlayStation Network service was restored to Japan, as promised. Here's Sony Computer Entertainment boss Kazuo Hirai welcoming everyone back.


    So that means we are one step closer to get PS store open again... I can't wait to get InFamous on my hands...

    Wouldn't mind the store back... Sony's a joke. They seriously thought it wouldn't get hacked because it was free??? How is paying for DLC and games free? They basically gave away peoples information.

      They didn't think it wouldn't get hacked because it was free, you pulled that info out of the sky. Paying for games and DLC has nothing to do with a free SERVICE and they didn't basically give away are details there hashed details that were stolen via hacking by criminals.
      Your moronic comments damage brands and make forums frustrating. Go get a life and some intelligence mate. your a clueless internet troll.

      What are you talking about? Do you even understand what you are saying?

      1)They never said they were hack proof because they were free, in fact any system can be comprimised, it's just a matter of how tight security is, being a free service has nothing to do with security.

      2)Who said paying for games and DLC is free? you are confusing yourself between a free service, and paid content. Sony said the service to play online is free, they never said the games and DLC were free.

      3)And they didnt give peoples information away, if i broke into your house and took your tv, would you consider it basically giving away your tv? No, it was hacked and stolen from their servers, they didn't just "basically give away peoples information"

      I grow tired of people bashing anything and everything without any idea what they are talking about, not to mention making arguments that make no sense at all. How about you get your facts right before you bag anyone.

        That's exactly what Sony have said, they are all over the international news for it too. They didn't 'expect' to be hacked because they were free!

    Ooops.. And that is how I started a discussion. ROFL

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