One Of The Oldest Video Games Makes A Comeback

Lunar Lander is about as old as video games get. You'd nearly all have played a variation of the game at one point or another, but soon you'll be able to play one that's a little fresher.

Indie developer Sean Edwards is working on a PC game called Lunar Flight, which is a modern take on the old 2D classic, bringing the moon-jumping gameplay into the third dimension (with some sim-like elements along for the ride). It runs in Unity, too, meaning that if you've got a half-decent PC it'll chug along right in your browser.

You can check out a length demonstration trailer above, and read more at the game's official site here.


    This makes me want to hunt down a copy of that old Lander game Psygnosis made back in the day.

    nice work sean!

    Looks delightfully complicated. Will definitely check it out when it's released.

    needs more aliens, but cool..

    Just fly the damn thing!!

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