Over Ten Minutes Of Dead Island Footage Won't Eat Your Brains

Upcoming first-person zombie game Dead Island has been promising a few twists and novel features outside the usual "run around and kill zombies" formula.

Talking a good game isn't as good as playing a good game, though, and while we can't play the thing yet, we can watch somebody else do it. Which is better than nothing!

I'm liking the little extra touches on show here, like the melee combat options and the RPG elements like crafting, instant travel around the map and quests.

Dead Island is out in August, for the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.


    There's no way this'll come out in Australia unedited.

      Unfortunately I agree with you

      My mrs was just saying that to me :)

      How funny - Achievement at the end "Somebody set us up the bomb." haha... Nice props to All your base are belong to us. Forget the name of the game that was based on.

      There's not a hope in hell this is coming out unedited. I think the blood would even be an issue, let alone the ways in which you dispatch them! Dear me... I wonder if Deep Silver would even bother with an AU version at all.

      I'll have mine intact thanks, this looks AMAZING!!

      I hope to fuck tho it still comes here edited so the people who import can have servers for 4 player co op :D

    Kinda reminds me of Farcry 2 plus Dead Rising 2

    Looks interesting but my expectations just went down tenfold. The hand to hand combat looks very amateurish and the collision detection looks like it needs a lot of work atm. Otherwise it looks very, very nice in the scenery. Geometry is very basic though...

      I totally agree. It was quite disappointing. It still looks fun, but that combat looks really amateur. It doesn't seem to have a nice "impact" when she attacks.

    Good they're caling them zombies and not 'infected people'. Should go down well with the ratings board. (sarcasm)

      That was actually why L4D2 was censored here, because the infected aren't actually zombies.

      Freakin' semantics...

    I'm dissapointed by what they have done with the setting. When I heard it was set on an Island of the coast of Papua Niugini I was looking foward to seeing the influence of the country on the games world.

    Sadly its not looking like it. Although calling the main town Moresby is a nice nod to Papua's capital city.

    well this sure is gona be banned in Australian, or like L4D2 have all the gore taken from it. shame!!!

    Not feeling that whole sense of terrifying panic for my characters wellbeing upon the potential release of a relentless horde that can insue when playing either the Left For Dead series or Dead Rising 2. These dudes seem far too few in numbers and really half @ssed in pursuing your insides in comparison.

    Yes it is gory, but is it any worse than say Dead Space?

    I am looking forward to this title, regardless of whether I have to import it or not.

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