Parkour Pioneer Cole Phelps Wants His Damn Hat Back

I forget at what point exactly but in L.A. Noire Cole Phelps remarks that his hat cost $US12. How much is that worth in 2011 money? Dunno, but it's worth falling off a house a dozen times in 1947.

How the hell did his hat get up there in the first place?


    I found this exact same glitch the other day as well! So weird. Except in my game Cole's hat landed right next to him so as he picked himself up he just put his hat back on straight away.

    Gotta love the random glitches found in Rockstar games...

    Hey at least its not a $30 suit!

    I'm still giggling about the title to this article.

    almost... not quite

    Story of my life...

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