Paul Feig Is A Fan Of Vagina Blankets

Recently, Bridesmaids director Paul Feig stopped by and showed us how much he loves vaginas. Or at least, making movies with people who have them, and endorsing blankets that claim to be as soft as them. (Yes, we know the proper term is vulva).

Bridesmaids showed exceptional momentum at the box office in its second weekend, dropping only 20 per cent from its opening on the strength of good word of mouth. It's on track to be one of the most successful Judd Apatow-produced movies ever, and that's despite the studio presumption that no one wants to see a funny movie with chicks in it.

That, quite simply, means we get to see more funny movies with chicks in them. Among them, Feig's next project, writing and directing a romantic comedy starring the wonderful Melissa McCarthy, with Apatow producing again. He told us that it's about "how the strongest relationship in the world builds," adding that he was inspired by the fact that he has "a great relationship with my wife. We've been married for 17 years." They're negotiating with a male lead now.

Happily, it does not sound like the movie will be all about how even big girls can find love (likely with a makeover). Feig also responded to criticism that McCarthy's character, as well as the roommate played by Rebel Wilson, were mocked in the film for their size. He said the parts were written without particular physical descriptors, and then that the actresses improvised much of the physical comedies. "[McCarthy]was the one who came up with the whole look for the character - the pearl and the action sandals," he said. "I would feel more bad saying, Oh no, we can't do that because she's a certain body type."

In this clip, he tells us more about why it's taken this long for a women-driven comedy ensemble to create breakout stars, and what he fears about the aftermath of the movie's success. Oh, and he does his best impression of a penis, which in turn is an impression of Kristen Wiig.

Speaking of genitals: The Vagisoft blanket. It was a gift from the manufacturer in light of our institutional interest in celebrating the female anatomy, and it keeps us warm in the chilly Gawker HQ. Given Paul's fondness for the same, it was only natural for him to offer a dramatic reading. His idea.



    What is this I don't even.

    This will be the best video game ever.

    Thank you for drawing my attention to this Kotaky.

    The kinect features are gonna be off teh hook.

    no, clearly the Move version is going to be best suited for this one.

    wtf kotaku?

    Seems like something for one of the other Allure sites that was accidentally posted on Kotaku, tbh.

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