Planking Now Has A Video Game

Look, we reckon Australia has moved away from planking, and started banking, but one Aussie studio decided to show some initiative and has created a flash game, based purely on the art of planking.

It's about as good as you could possibly expect it to be. The scoring system is a bit weird, and the whole thing lacks a little bit of polish, but I kind of found the platforming quite responsive! And enjoyed trying to plank in the highest, most precarious spots possible.

It seems to play fine for something designed quickly to capitalise on the popularity of planking. It has some sort of combo points system that I've yet to work out.

Worth it for the novelty at least!

Plank'd [N3Vgames]


    This* is proof that the mainstream population can't handle memes. Seriously. This is the first time a genuine, nonsensical meme has really escaped the internet, and look what's happening.

    *Technically this is an inter-netty kind of thing, but I'm calling your attending to the fact that its getting a solid week of news coverage (and counting) and our Prime Minister has addressed it.

      Just wait until something like Weegee escapes. I will genuinely laugh.

        God help us if 4Chan escapes.

          that will be the apocalypse

      ..... imagine if Lol-cats got out....

        lolcats got out like thirty years ago


    I'm waiting for the tv series to come out: Plank'd, with Ashton Kutcher.

      - stabs self in eyes -

    You wanna talk about games that should be banned in Australia?

    Damn. I wanted an FPS where you could slap people who were planking.

      I never knew the S in FPS stood for slapper


      I think FPS should mean Friggin' Planking Simulator in this case.

    Thanks to our first 28 Fans.... we have an official URL now for Facebook!!!

    Keep spreading the planking love!

      How much did this advertisement cost him Serrels? How much is your soul worth? j/k*0.5

        I sold my soul for pogs.

        ALF pogs... remember ALF?

          Is he back, in pog form?

          The ALF movie was on the other night... reliving the memories man.

            - remembers Alf and stabs self in ears -

    ***lays horizontally***

      **stands vertically**

        **Stands Horizontally**

        *lands vertizontally*

          - gives up on trying to block out the stupid and goes to find a length of rope -

    I was into it... back when it was still called sleeping.
    Before it went all mainstream.

      Me, not so crazy about being photographed in my sleep... but to each his own, I guess :)

    Does it have the level where you fall 7 stories and die? Because that would be awesome.

    I still dont know what this is supposed to be.
    Can someone tell me what planking is? and why everyone is supposedly going crazy over it?

      It's like the Maccarena... but for lazy people, and narcoleptics.


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