Poland Gives President Obama The Witcher 2's Collector's Edition

President Obama, on a tour of Europe this week, stopped in Poland today to meet with Prime Minister Donald Tusk. As is customary, Tusk presented Obama with several gifts to commemorate his visit. One of those was the collector's edition of The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings.

The Witcher is not just a Polish-developed video game series, it's based on a series of books by Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski. So The Witcher is something of a national pride symbol, as well it should be. Fahey reviewed the game for us, and it earned a Kotaku Editor's Choice star.

Will Barack Obama Play The Witcher 2? [Polygamia]


    And here I thought our own sense national pride was tacky every time some foreign diplomat was given a vegemite, a drizabone coat, and didgeridoo.

    I can see the headlines on Fox News now:

    "Is Obama a witch? Plays game about demons"

    "Obama plays video games while US economy struggles"

    And so on...

      You should be hired by the Onion News Network!

      Particularly when the Republicans find out there's sex scenes in it.

        Honestly, It doesn't matter what side of the aisle they sit their butts, politicians love to demonize 'newfangled' things for political gain.
        (Some Democrats with a history of such things are Joe Lieberman, Hilary Clinton, Tipper Gore, etc...)

        But yeah, I guess a Dem would have to be *pretty* ballsy to attack Obama about anything... That's almost as dangerous as going after Oprah ;-)

        Though it'd be great if someone decides to accuse Poland of trying to harm Obama's kids with their 'orgasmic rape simulators' lol

    Go Poland... Support you're Gaming Industry.

    Sarcaz, learn English first.

    How appropriate since he's trying to bump off Gaddafi.

    What exactly do they expect him to so with it? Or is it just in there for the publicity?

    Of course it's for publicity, it's not like you'd expect a diplomat to just start playing a didgeridoo. I reckon it's far from being tacky, honestly they're embracing technology & showcasing it as great tribute. Wish the same could be said in other countries.

    Don't think Obama will have the time to play it though :D

    What about a game based on the Daywatch series? That'd be interesting :D

    On second thought, I think this puts Poland PRETTY HIGH on the terrorist threat list. Giving the president a copy of a game called "Assassination of Kings"????

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