Portal's GLaDOS And Chell Laugh It Up In Real Life

The voice of evil supercomputer GLaDOS, Ellen McLain, and the face of test subject Chell, Alesia Glidewell, appear to get along just fine in real life - unlike their Portal counterparts - in this photo by Heather "makani" Campbell.

Kotaku recently featured Campbell's Portal-inspired art in which she re-imagined GLaDOS in humanoid form.

Photograph by Heather Campbell, via Ashley King / Joystiq.


    Aperture will be hearing about this.

    No cake?

    Chell's RL counterpart is an unbelivable hottie.

    On another note, Ellen McLain does the announcer's voice on TF2 aswell.

      Don't forget about HL2 and its Episodes, she was the voice of the combine overwatch. It would be safe to say that valve has her on speed-dial when they look for voice talent.

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