Pro R18+ Attorney-General Resigns

As Attorney-General for Tasmania, David Bartlett was one of the most passionate supporters of an R18+ for video games, sadly he has just announced that he is resigning from his position.

"[F] or the past two to three weeks ... I have had to question whether or not I still have the passion and commitment that is required," claimed Bartlett.

For supporters of R18+ this comes at a time when we are unsure of the allegiances of a few key Attorneys-General. It's a shame that one of our key supporters has left just a few months away from the SCAG meeting in July.

Bartlett had been one of the first Attorney-Generals to publically support an R18+ rating for video games in Australia.

“The introduction of an R18+ classification would help give parents a clear idea of which computer games are suitable for their children,” he claimed, in a statement released just a few months ago.

“It’s about giving parents clear information, a clearer choice, and more confidence in the games they buy for their children.

“An R18+ category currently applies to other forms of entertainment, like films and some magazines. It’s appropriate to use the same clear and consistent restrictions for computer games.

“For me, the real issue is not whether we should have an R18+ classification – which is obvious. The issue is how to construct those guidelines.

“We need to ensure the guidelines are properly worded, so appropriate games can be played by adults, while still excluding those games which depict high-level sex and violence.

“The debate should now be about getting those guidelines or criteria right,” he said.

Hopefully his replacement will be of a similar mindset, and be aware of the issues in time for the SCAG meeting in July. Considering Bartlett's outspoken support, we're confident that this won't derail any possible movement forward.

Thanks to RaygunBrown for the tip.


    Oh man...just what we need. Let's hope it works out for the best.

    I heard this on the radio today. All I can say is... DAMN IT!

    you got to be bloody kidding me two months before the SCAG meeting. But I can not blame him for needing to leave for family reason.

    Who gives a &*(& anymore. I'll be playing MK tonight.

      Its not meant to be all about you being able to play MK.

      I'm fighting for the R18+ rating to give parents a better clue about the games they are buying. As of the moment a lot of parents do not understand the content in the games are not meant for kids under the rating age as they are applying film ratings to them instead.

        Oh come on. You do not whole heartedly believe that and it isn't your sole reason for wanting the classification passed.

      I'm with you. F*** Australia's rating system, it is now beyond a joke. I will just do as I've always done and import from overseas, giving my Australian dollars to another country. I got the Mortal Kombat: Kollectors Edition for just over a hundred bucks including delivery. I'm happy to pay more to buy the games in-house, but if our country can't even deliver a fair classification system that works, I'll be quite happy to save money by buying from playasia/amazon.
      It looks like the classification will descend into malarky anyway with the abolishment of an MA15+ rating. Just goes to show how clueless our representatives are when it comes to our beloved past-time/passion.

        You guys are the key reasons they build arguments on. I believe whole heartedly in Wiccys point, I'm a parent, I'm sick of games being used as a scapegoat in culture. Being appropriately rated means they're less likely to. "My little Johnny was playing Murder Rampage Chainsaw 7 lastnight and today told me to fuck off! The game made him do it!" "I'm sorry but why did you buy your 9 year old an 18+ game????" the argument becomes a little more solid when it's restricted to adults. The education factor is vital. Again it's not just so you can play your Mortal Kombat (god knows I want to... Bastards!!! Jealous!!!) but it is indeed a pleasant side effect no?

    As long as his replacement is pro-18+ we shouldn't have a problem.

    This is the last thing that we needed.

    Couldn't have picked a worse time.

    Yeah glad I imported MK, but then again banned games won't be reclassified anyway.
    I wonder though if banned games can be resubmitted as say Mortal Kombat GOTY edition or complete edition?

      The game was not banned, it was refused classification, so they can resubmit it

        He might mean that they simply wont be resubmitted. As in Mortal Kombat might be able to pass classification under a new scheme, but they wont bother because it's not worth relaunching an old product in one rather small region (especially when they know a lot of people just imported it).

    I bet his replacement at the next meeting will request more time to gather his/her thoughts.

    Nope, we're still gonna have a problem. At the SCAG his replacement WILL say that they haven't had enough time to consider the issue, and they WILL postpone it. AGAIN.


    I don't blame the guy, rumour was that the Premier down here was planning on giving him the Children's Portfolio after Lin Thorp lost her seat, and i don't think any politician wants to touch that portfolio with a ten foot pole.

      Edited your post - because I fixed up the story. Thanks for the heads up!

    No no no no no NO!!!!

    FFS, this is bad. Because our system isn't majority vote this is gonna effect our chances for R18 immensely!

    yay so next scag meeting will achieve nothing.

    wonder if they can keep loosing a new one every 3 months so people constantly need to be briefed

    FFS. The new guy will probably ask for an adjournment on the R18+ decision to 'have more time to prepare'. Bureaucracy sucks balls.

      O'connor said if no agreement could be reached at the next SCAG, he'd get the federal govt to step in.
      Hopefully he does that...

    We just cannot catch a dam break!

    Let's face it, it's never going to happen in Australia.

    Well looks like we won't be getting R18+ in Australia until about 2020 at the earliest now


    Cue the fed government to take it from here....Enough of the shit!

    Man this sucks, I can only hope that the next A.T. is the same way.

    you know what sucks as well
    i was doing a journalism assignment for uni on the r18 debate and had a interview set up with mr bartlett for today, only for him to resign and screw up my assignment
    ive already tried to get in contact with the new attorney general but no response yet

    This doesn't matter. The government is already a joke with its $11,000 fine for MK, no one got fined, no one ever will.
    We can just continue to import games, get them cheaper than the stores here, and not have to worry about being left out of 90% of the games being released due to Australia being a Microsoft country and a FPS haven.

    Haha I'm going to continue giving my money to play-Asia and eBay.. F♥♥♥ the Australian government they all have their fingers up each others arse!!

    We are not getting it anytime soon if ever :(

    This is unfortunate. We can only hope someone else steps up to the plate to push the pro r18+ agenda.

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