Proof That Nolan North Is In Too Many Damn Video Games

Nolan North seems like a super nice guy! And does a cracking job as the voice of Nathan Drake in the Uncharted series. Problem is, he also does the voice for around a million other characters, and it can sometimes get very distracting.

Not helping matters is the fact he often (though not always!) uses almost the exact same voice across roles. His Prince in 2008's Prince of Persia, for example, is identical to Nathan Drake from the two (well, three!) Uncharted games. Leading many, myself included, to wonder whether Nolan North is in too many damn video games.

So it was a pleasant...experience (I won't say a surprise) to see that when I finally finished Portal 2 over the weekend, Nolan North was listed in the game's vocal credits. Alongside what I'm pretty sure was only five other names.

Six voices in the entire game, then, and one of them had to be Nolan North, the man who has been a million voices already.

Thankfully, it seems almost an in-joke, as North's role goes almost completely unnoticed, playing the part of the "cores" that were done so masterfully by Mike Patton in the first Portal, as well as this game's "defective" turrets.

Proof, maybe, that as sick of North's voice as one can get, there's hope for us all when he's working with characters that don't have faces. Especially since he did such a great job in Portal 2.

If you've finished the game, you can check out some great highlight reels of his work in clips like this one, and this one.

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    Ugh... lol.

    I recently bought Halo Wars, and his voice stands out so badly... yes, he's a good voice actor, but the only game I can tolerate him in any more is an Uncharted game. I don't know why he's got to be in *everything*...

    He can modulate his voice, just search for officer Girard in Swat 4.

    Oh, I didn't spot his voice at all as the Adventure Sphere which is surprising seeing as unlike the Space Sphere, the voice isn't really masked at all.

    So disappointed he wasn't tapped to do the live movie.

    Considering he not only does the voice but acts in the motion capture scenes as well.

      The portal live action movie?

      I know, I know, you meant uncharted, but a man can dream. A man can dream.

    Nolan North doesn't do that many games.

    Stephen Blum! there's a voice you cannot escape! And he always sounds like Spike from Cowboy Bebop

      You sure?

      Just to name a few: Army of Two 2, Dark Void.

        No offense but you named TWO games. I didn't say he didn't do any games, just that he's not as many games as Luke's artical makes out. Especially when compared to the likes of Steve Blum.

          Yeah that guy I keep thinking he's haunting me, almost every game I play I hear that guy's voice now, most recently Mass Effect 2 and Dawn of War 2: Retribution. Sure he's got an epic badass voice but come on, you can only tolerate it for so long.

    Yeah, if there was one issue with Portal 2 for me, it was the lack of Patton.

    Seriously, Games need more Patton, Rock Band is getting more Patton this week, The Darkness has more Patton this year. When will other developers learn?

    I hate it when he just does 'his' voice, except in uncharted. When you keep just hearing that voice, he doesn't seem very talented. But i flipped when i found our he was Raph in TMNT. and he didn't sound too like him in Final Fantasy XII from memory.

    i seriously just found this last night, i was on the portal wiki, and checking out the defective turrets, and BOOM nolan north, and you know what? i wasn't surprised at all!

    One can expect Nolan North to be in a lot of video games, considering he's a voice actor. There are plenty of voice actors who are in tons of games (lately Steve Blum and Fred Tatasciore, to name two; name a game that Nolan North was in and I guarantee one, the other, or both of them were in it somewhere as well). The only reason people notice him so much is because he voices Nathan Drake.
    Besides, why is it such a big deal anyway? It doesn't totally break the atmosphere of a film when you recognize the actors in it.

    Using the 2008 Prince of Persia game as an example is downright unfair, though, since the developers asked him to use his normal speaking voice ("Nathan Drake voice") for the game. He asked them if they wanted something different, since he often worries about people only hearing him as Nathan Drake and that'd ruin the atmosphere of a game.
    He discusses all that in this interview, in fact:

    As for him using the same voice, I must say, he's clearly displayed a wide range of voices. Take Sigmund from Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time for example. Other examples include the turrets and personality cores from Portal 2 (as mentioned), Deadpool from Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and many other games and videos, Brawl from Transformers: War for Cybertron, Vashyron from the English version of Resonance of Fate, Le Crochet from The Saboteur, tons of additional characters in Dragon Age: Origins including Ruck and Owain, and Romeo from Halo 3: ODST, just to name a few.

    Personally, I'm quite tired of articles like this one cropping up around the internet. Lots of people have said this before, and it's absolutely not true. Voice acting is his career; he loves it and he does a great job. People shouldn't disparage just because they've heard his name before and see him in the credits list.

    Nolan North does the defective turret voices? AWESOME! I found those things absolutely hilarious, in that room where they throw out the defective ones I stayed there for an extra 5 minutes just to hear every variation, and I laughed my ass off XD

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