PS3 Brink Release Won't Be Affected By Hack

Brink will still hit the PlayStation 3 as planned despite the ongoing PlayStation Network outage, the company tells Eurogamer. While the game mostly lives online, it does have the ability to be played with bots and in singleplayer mode. [Eurogamer] `


    lol not being able to play online seems to me like its being affected by the hack

    Semantics. How many other people WONT be buying the game upon launch due tot he fact theres no matchmaking?

    Try telling them that the 70% drop in expected first-week sales on a certain platform isnt 'affecting' them.

      um well because there is alot of people out there wanting to play the single player mode first before going online... and by then ps3 should be up and running... the game isnt just all about the online mode.

      now if it were FINAL FANTASY XIV then you would have a reason to complain why they would be releasing that while ps3 network is still down

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