PSN Matchmaking Could Be Up In The Next Couple Of Days

The bad news has just been piling on for Sony recently but, according to Eurogamer, the PSN could have online matchmaking up and running in the next couple of days.

According to Sony in Europe, getting matchmaking up and running is the first priority of the team, with full PSN functionality being targeted for before May 31.

Relatively good news for PlayStation owners stranded without online gaming over the past couple of weeks.

PSN matchmaking back in next few days? [Eurogamer]


    LOL,do u honestly expect us to beleive that? i have lost all faith in sony,the continued lies about relaunch dates and i think its pretty clear that they are still hiding something from us

      -tee hee-, you and your angry, jaded brethren make me smile.

      And yet, you're a visitor to this page.

      Interesting. I'd say your faith is still intact, bro. ;)

        What does being a visitor to this page have to do with my faith in sony?like all psn users i want to know what is going on

      if u have lost fate in sony...why are u stil seeking informationg from them?

    I'll believe it when I see it.

    The Playstation Notwork can't catch a break. They get in trouble for not updating the customers, and when they do they get abused again.

    I am loving playing through Mass Effect 2 on the PS3 to be honest, this hasn't affected me at all in regards to any online play.

      "The Playstation Notwork can’t catch a break. They get in trouble for not updating the customers, and when they do they get abused again."

      Couldn't agree more; I said something along the same lines in the comments of another article a few days ago.

      I just find it interesting that there seem to be so many people who'd prefer that they rush the PSN back online, potentially with many of the same security flaws that compromised it in the first place. Although I suspect many of them may be the kind of people that spend most of their gaming time in the multiplayer modes of a game that rhymes with "Shmall of Shmooty: Shmack Shmops". ;)

    I actually don't care that much about the online play going off. I just had to purchase a new PS3 and because of the PSN being down I haven't been able to recover my profile or re-download any of my DLC.

      haha same here!

      Need to do the data transfer via ethernet cable - It won't let me until I de-authorise my accounts... without PSN, that is impossible!

    I'd much rather they bring up the store first, i need some DLC for my single player games.

    On a somewhat related note, does anyone know if the schedule for DLC releases will be honoured or will they all be pushed back due to the maintenance?

      Presumably they are focusing on bringing up the services that don't involve money first.

      So I wouldn't be surprised if you get access to your previous downloads before you get a chance to purchase new items.

    I'm not worried about the downtime,i understand that it takes time,i just dont agree with how they have handled it.also the welcome back package is a joke,1 month free of a useless service,some free downloads of which they will choose and identity theft protection lol

      They're giving you things with monetary value as compensation for missing out on something with no monetary value. Just what DO you want as compensation for downtime of a free service? What would make you happy?

        firstly,psn is not a free service,u pay for it when u buy ur console and games etc

        What would i want as compensation? Nothing,i didnt say i wanted more i just said what they are offering is a joke,just wait till it comes back on and u see for urself

        also they are not giving us something of monetary value in place of something with no monetary value,they are giving us something of monetary value for allowing our personal and financial details to be stolen,then waiting 6 days to notify us of it

    Yo Mark, so does this mean we should b able 2 play online by like saturday?

    I honestly do not think Sony can this network up. They are simply too incompetent. I mean- EVER.

    Since when has 21 days been a couple of days? That's not even a couple of weeks! A couple=2 in most peoples universes

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