PSN Service Now Being Restored In Europe, Australia, Latin America

Reactivation of PlayStation Network, completed early this morning for all of North America, is now proceeding in Europe, New Zealand, Australia, Mexico and South America, PlayStation Europe said through its official Twitter moments ago.

When PSN service is restored, users must change their account passwords. Sony has posted guides for PS3 and PSP users on how to complete the process.


    Just tried signing in with my psn app for android and been sent the email asking to change my password, pretty sure that would mean all systems go! But I am only doing this on my phone, three o'clock cant come quick enough. cant wait to play some socom online, heres hoping


    However, still not up at 8:30

    It's now working for me here in Melbourne. Once I was asked to change my password I was able to sign in with out an issue.

    And here I sit in Melbourne for the whole damn week, hundreds of km away from my PS3 and BC2. Dammit :(

    Any word yet on the choice of free games we get? Are they available on the store yet, or coming later?

    It was working for me after 5am this morning but now when I am trying to get back on I get the 'system undergoing maintenance' message....... AGAIN!!

    What a joke.

    it let me change password and sign in for about 1 minute then went back to the maintenance message.

    It is working for me now. I'm not bothered if it goes up and down a bit in the next 48 hours, you would expect some hassles when bringing such a behemoth up from scratch.

    Seriously, this could have happened to *any* company, and I'm glad it happened in a way, it will make a lot of companies out there who may have made cuts to IT spending and gotten lax with security really lift their game, and at least Sony took the whole damn thing down until it was fixed, rather than bringing it up half arsed.

    Well at least I'm not the only one who's had this happen.
    Might be because this isn't the PS3 I created my account on.

    Not working for me.


    It's like poking a dragon with a stick .. it'll take a few pokes to wake it up.

      I must've poked that "dragon" fifty times by now. It's still not up for me at least.

    Still not up for me in Brisbane. Been trying since 8.30AM to reset password and/or login, but either getting error message or "Undergoind Maintenance" message.

    ...oh, woe is me.

    Hmm.. I'm in West Melbourne and not working for me.

    Sydney's north shore here, still not up as of 10.40am.

    OK, so here's what I've tried so far to give all of you Aussies an update:

    1. Tried signing in/resetting password on console. Either get "Undergoing Maintenance" message or error code.

    2. Tried signing in/resetting password via PC online. Either browser connection times out or get grey "Under Maintenance" screen.

    3. Tried signing in/resetting password via iPhone app. Same result as above.

    At this stage, looks like everything is still down, despite some people reporting it being up a couple of hours ago.

    It was definetly online in sydney between about 5am-6am. I was able to have a few matches then black ops wouldnt let me connect to their server, so when i reset my console to try and fix it, all ive gotten since then is the maintenance message.

    Its like being given life then shot repeatedly lol. will they ever get it right!!!

    back up in sydney :D now gtf on so we can play some black ops!

    Back up in Brisbane!!!


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