Relax, The Spirits Will Guide You Through Your Next Wait In Line

Relax, The Spirits Will Guide You Through Your Next Wait In Line

The iPhone seems packed to the rafters these days with loud, violent shooters and games about money. So let’s take things a little slower, and relax with a puzzling platformer about some cute spirits instead.

Spirits is an iPhone and iPad game by Spaces of Play that, at the risk of crudely comparing the game, is like Lemmings meets Limbo. Only if Lemmings was slower. And Limbo was cheery instead of constantly morose.

You’re tasked with guiding a number of sweet little spirits through levels by changing their form. If you need to climb over an obstacle, you can turn one of them from a wandering spirit into a little bridge. Or, if you need to get shot up a narrow pass to reach a new level, you can turn one of them into a gust of wind.

The real trick, though, comes in that for each level you’re given a certain number of spirits. And you’re given a minimum number you have to send through. So you can’t just build bridges and the like wherever you please and just clear a stage via brute force. You have to be economical, and plan things through.

The game was first released a few months ago, but it was only earlier this month that an update was released tweaking its controls and making it easier to play. I never played it when it was supposedly harder, but I’m loving this version, as its taxing without ever feeling stressful.

The beautiful artwork and soundtrack probably helps with that, too.

Spirits is $3.99.

Spirits [iTunes App Store]


  • Excellent, my non-gamer and I loved the original however found half way through the game had become near impossible.

    I can’t wait to give it another go 😀

  • This must have been a free app for day cause I didn’t pay for mine.
    I’m quite sure mine isn’t a ‘Free’ version either.

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