Relax, Twitter, Metal Gear's Creator (Probably) Hasn't Inspired A Final Fantasy VII Remake

Twitter is a great way to bring the world together, open up lines of communication. It's also a great way for things to be blown out of proportion, 140 characters at a time.

Hideo Kojima, creator of stealth game series Meat Gear, recently had dinner with Square Enix honcho Yoichi Wada and designer Tetsuya Nomura.

A flurry of fans sent Kojima tweets, like to tell Nomura to remake Final Fantasy VII or to hurry up and release Kingdom Hearts 3, to which Kojima replied, "I told them lol".

Maybe he told them, maybe he was joking and didn't really. Last time I checked, Hideo Kojima doesn't run Square Enix, so who cares. Yet, that hasn't stopped "Hideo Kojima told Square Enix to remake Final Fantasy VII" from turning into a story—on Japanese (and Western) gaming sites.

Instead of asking for a FFVII remake, why not ask Square Enix to first make and release games in a timely fashion? Then we can get to eagerly anticipated, and long overdue, remakes. At the rate Square Enix has been going with Final Fantasy Versus XIII and Kingdom Hearts 3, we wouldn't see a Final Fantasy VII in stores for a long, long, long time. One step at a time.

FF7をリメイク!? スクエニ和田社長と野村哲也、小島監督、新川洋司氏で会食 [オレ的ゲーム情報]

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    "Hideo Kojima, creator of stealth game series -MEAT GEAR-" ?

    Typo methinks lol. You guys really need a proof reader. I see typo's at least once in every article lol.

    "Hideo Kojima, creator of stealth game series Meat Gear, "

    What's this game called Meat Gear? I'm intrigued. Do you play as a butcher or something?

    It would pay for japanese developers/publishers to listen and take note of Konami, Capcom and Nintendo, which single handedly seem to be keeping the japanese game industry afloat! Isnt that how they used to do it back in the day?! You know, Sega makes something, Nintendo adapts it (no Stunt Race FX without Virtua Racing, no Adventure Island without Wonderboy). Nintendo makes something, Sega adapts it (no Shining Force without legend of Zelda, no Sonic without Super Mario Bros), and so on. That reminds me, WE NEED Mega Vs Super Smash Bros. Ya know, Sega character Vs Nintendo characters, which they touched on by putting Sonic in the last Smash Bros. Now THAT is the ultimate Vs game!

      I would pay Japanese developers/publishers to make and release a game called "Meat Gear".
      That sounds fantastic.

      "Meat Gear Sirloin 3: Steak Eater"

    I totally forgot about the absence of KH3 until reading this! Hulk mad now! Lol

    Uh... I'm not Kojima expert, but this "Meat Gear" series of which you speak is news to me.

    "Hideo Kojima, creator of stealth game series Meat Gear"

    MEAT GEAR?!?!

    We need a Photoshop artist in here stat!! I want to see mock ups for Meat Gear Solid on my desk by tomorrow morning!

      Ok boss, here's the cover art! (used MattC's clever title)

    I wish twin snakes was never made so that MGS1 was still on the to do list for remakes.

    But in saying that, Meat Gear Solid: Twin Snakes did satisfy my hunger at the time.

    'Super Meat Gear: Sons of Super Meat Boy'

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