Remember This?

Alright - its confirmed. I'm changing 'Remember This' forever - to make it harder, and to make it more fun. So can you remember this game from one screenshot?


    Kinda looks like a later level from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (NES)

    Though I know it won't be...

      one of the James Pond games? robocod maybe?

    Looks so familiar.. But i've got nothing..

    Villawood detention center the game?

    From now on I shall Answer Uridium for every thing

    Rick Dangerous 2, on the amiga?


    Not right but i think that will become my standard answer :P

      Great game, played that for hours when I was a kid

        You and me both, buddy.

        That, commander keen and the original duke nukems were all a blast!

          Yes! Good old Commander Keen. I loved those games, I remember there was one of them that was set on an alien planet that I only had a demo of, but I found a noclip cheat and used it to go outside the bounds of the demo and unlock the full game.

          And there was one of them where there was a secret level, if you went into one of the levels and got the yellow key, then got all the worms in one of the rooms together a giant foot would appear and take you to the secret level. Looking back it was really random.

          The sidescrolling Duke games were fun too, though I don't remember much about Duke himself, was he just as arrogant and womanising in the side scrollers or did that come in Duke Nukem 3D?

    Very NES-esque.

    A Jackal!! Jackal! It's a Jackal! It looks like a Jackal! Jackal? Jackal! It's a Jackal! Jackal?

    TMNT is a good guess...
    I recognise that laser in the ceiling... I think.

    First guess was S.C. Out, but that ain't it..


    A Mega Man....

    Rick Dangerous II - Amiga

    Captain Nemo: The James Mason Adventure. on the Amiga500.

    looks like Rick Dangerous 2 on the Amiga

    Is it Mickey Mania for the SNES? If not then it's gotta be some side scroller.

    Definitely Rick Dangerous 2 :

    First thought was the spaceship levels from Lost Vikings...

    i was with f4cti0n with electrobody or whatever it was called. Looks more amiga-ish than NES. Blues brothers maybe?

    Oh yeah. RD2. From Indy to Flash Gordon. Funny, those games were the closest to a GOW blockbuster we got back then.

    While on the subject of changing the format of 'Remember This'. How about leaving the approval of comments for a longer period so that those of us who don't/can't browse Kotaku get a chance to participate in the evenings?

    It kinda takes the fun out of it when I check it out and 5 people have already posted the correct answer.. Surely I can't be alone here.. Just sayin'

    I do like the idea of only having a partial screenshot to work with though.

      oops.. by 'don’t/can’t browse Kotaku' I mean during the day, while at work and stuff..

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