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I have to say, I'm liking this new 'Remember This' - loving Last Friday's was Rick Dangerous 2. Major props to those who got it right. Now - can you remember this game from a partially obscured screenshot? Let us know in the comments below!


    Beneath A Steel Sky!

    Beneath A Steel Sky, I reckon. Maybe for the Amiga, though it might have too many colours for that - so I'll go the PC version.

    Beneath a steel sky

    TBH this game is pointless when you have .....


        No just saying the obvious...

          Trying to solve puzzels in Portal is pointless when you have youtube and such which shows you how to play each level which = the entire game...

          No point on wasting your time every day to run a quick search on the image to find the game when some people actually put their mind to it and think back to the game they once played..


            There are those of us out there that may not actually know what the screenshots are, simply because we haven't played the game... Those people can use the site linked by Dick Smack... As long as they don't claim they won by using that site, they're not cheaters.

            Personally I think that site is amazing, the amount of times I've seen a picture and have wanted to know where it's from, but it's really hard to look up a picture.

            You're telling me you've never been stuck so hard in a game that you've had to look up the solution?

              you can look it up, just don't give the answer away

      Wow, that website is insaine!

      "Searched over 1.9532 billion images in 0.023 seconds"


      Nah, it's a good point - I'll have to try and think of a way around this...

        thats all i was trying to do not imply i was cheating at all...

        Watermark, colour shift or inversion may work. Mind you, that probably won't stop the Photoshop Heros

    I was thinking one of the Metal Gear Solid games on PS1, but looks like everyone else is saying Beneath A Steel Sky

      I don't think I saw any yellow or tan in MGS, it was Green/Blue/Grey - the start of the current washed out colour scheme favoured by so many devs these days

    Isn't it Final Fantasy 7 in one of the Mako Reactors?

      That's what I would have said, but the cheating option above says otherwise.

      I thought it was FF7 as well, on the ship where you fight Jenova.

    Beneth a Steel Sky...I still have it too

    Definitely BASS. Not sure which specific platform, but it's the opening area of beneath a steel sky, like most have said already

    Its clearly Tits McGee's Rock'em Sock'em Adventures through Time.

    That level in Frontlines: Fuel of War... where you raid the Soviet mountain fortress, to disarm the ballistic missile?

    Gah, I was so excited when I saw the thumb, but shouldve figured everyone would have it already :'(

    ... it's Beneath A Steel Sky. Woo. (awesome game)

    And cheating on this is seriously lame guys.

      I vote to permaban cheaters!!

    The game is set in a future Australia and the main character is named after an Australian beer. Awesome game.

    Definitely Beneath a Steel Sky, it's the first room where you face the guard on the railing. Would have been harder if it was a shot from further into the game.

    Lol I clicked thinking triumphantly "Beneath a Steel Sky!" ... but looks like e v e r y b o d y beat me to it :P

    I knew the image looked familiar! Couldn't remember it, but thankfully the answers here put me out of my misery.

    Beneath a Steel Sky!

    I remember playing this when I first used ScummVM.

    I remember the demo of this from a cover disk (floppy) from Amiga Format. This was the first room - was probably only 4 or 5 rooms in the demo, but I played it through a number of times!

      And actually I believe that issue came with a bonus printed comic by the game's artist. It was the "intro story" to the game I think. Should still have it in the cupboard somewhere...

    I actually got it for free from GoG during a promotion.

    Beneath a Steel... oh, fine.

    If I recall rightly, that's an early area. There's a gangway up above that section of the screen which leads to an outside balcony and there was a security guard wandering around who you had to avoid being seen by.

    Beneath a Steel Sky... a cool game that I only know because I got it free when I signed up for

    a screengrab from the very first screen makes it kinda easy though... if this had been from later on in the game I probably wouldn't have recognized it :-P

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