Remember This?

Can you remember this game from one partially obscured screenshot? I'm guessing you can. I've been steadfast in my quest to make this as difficult as possible, but still I am foiled by the Kotaku community's unparalleled gaming knowledge. If one of you manages to guess this before I check in, feel free to get nostalgic over this classic game.


    Breath of Fire? 2?

    Looks like Shining Force II to me, but I don't recall that freaky looking fairy enemy...

      I was sure too, but the only shipboard battle I remember was the Kraken.

      Wait Shining Force 1 is what I'm thinking of.
      But I don't think that's what it is.

    I've seen this, but not played it, so I have no memory of the name of the game,

    I feel inclined to guess Golden Sun (or #2?), but I'm probably wrong. Can't actually remember what those battles on the ship looked like :P

    It was one of the turn based jrpg i think. Breath of fire is possible or one of the dragon quests?

    shining force 2. there was a chapter on a ship near the start of the game

    Definitely a JRPG...I want to say Final Fantasy VI, but I'm not sure about that.

    Mario 64

    I'll go within Shining Force 2 as well, Karachi.

    I am only basing this off the fact it appears to be taking place on a ship but but my guess is Hook

    The only place I can remotely recognize that from is the beginning of Final Fantasy IV...

    Didn't one of those TMNT Beat em ups take place on a ship??
    I seem to recall these Baxter looking units appear, but don't remember them looking like that.

    Golden Axe

      That's what I first thought, but can't remember a level with a ship... Been a while though, so maybe.

    Shining Force CD, Book 1. Pretty sure its battle 1 too

    My gut says Shining Force, but I couldn't say which one for sure.

    I'll go with Shining Force CD, on the old Mega-CD system.

    one of the heroes of might and magic games?

    Shining Force CD, from the first battle.

    maybe, shining force 2?

    Turtles in Time on the SNES?

    teenage mutant ninja turtles arcade

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