Remember This?

Alright, I need to crank things up a notch. You guys are getting these too easily! Can you remember this game from a tiny section of a screenshot? Let us know in the comments below. If you don't get it before the end of the day I'll drop in and let you know the answer later this afternoon!


    Jurassic Park for the SNES!

    Cannon fodder???

      Cannon fodder was the best game ever!
      I remember trying desperately to make all my men survive every mission :D

      I though Cannon Fodder to, the tree roots look familiar, now I've got that 'War has never been so much fun' song in my head.

      Loved that game, that hill filling with tiny crosses still haunts me.

        it was so good! im trying to remember what your first soldier was called.. pretty sure it turned out to be an iconic name

          Jools, followed by Jops and Stu if I recall. Pretty sure they were the devs' nicknames.

            JOOLS AND JOPS! thanks mate

    ToeJam and Earl.

    I'm gonna go with Chrono Trigger for this one.

      Im with you mate, I reckon it might be Chrono Trigger as well.

      Chrono Trigger gets my vote too.

    Zombies Ate my Neighbours?

      Damn, and here I was thinking I was smart. You definitely are insufferable ;)

      I've got no idea but my money is on ZAMN too.

    I was thinkingn Zombies ate my Neighbours?

    Zombies Ate My Neighbors? Not sure about it, but the grass and the shoe looks about right!

    Cannon Fodder?!

    Definitely Zombies ate my neighbors, megadrive version judging by the color palette.

    It most certainly is Zombies ate my Neighbors.

    Secret of Mana?

    You people are freaks.

    I'm 100% sure its Zombies ate my Neighbors.

    Zombie eat my neighbours on Megadrive, guaranteed

    I'm pretty certain that's Zombies ate my neighbors.


    You guys are incredible.

      Are you really trying Mark?
      I kid, I kid.
      As long as you're giving the Australian Kotaku community something identifiable, it will be identified. We're just that good. Well, some of the community, not me, are.
      Just wish there was a way to encourage discussion of these games.

        You think to yourself:
        "I've played a lot of games over my life".
        You open one of these and think:
        "Hmm, I wonder what that is"?
        You scroll down, see a tonne of answers and think:
        "I know nothing... and I've wasted my life".

    Cannon Zombies Triggered My Fodder In Earl Park?

    It has to ZAMN! The girl wears bright red shoes and that looks like the the second level (i think) in stage one

    I'm going with Crusader of Centy on the Megadrive.
    That game was badarse.

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