Remember This?

Can you remember this classic game from one single screenshot? Yes. Probably. But let's continue this little game regardless! As always, if someone gets the answer before I check in, feel free to talk shop about this awesome title.


    Secret. Of. Mana.

    Stupid fish things.

    Somebody is running an emulator, look at all that up sampling :P

      New challenge mode for Remember this: can you pick the filter used? :p
      I reckon it looks like the Super 2x Sal - Eagle and HQ usually have sharper edges and some of the others are just blurring on the original pixels.

    Secret of Mana.

    Its definitely secret of mana!

    Secret of Mana
    Location: Upperland
    Enemy: Water Thug

      This guy. ^
      What a memory.

        Played through the game many times till, older brother lend it out the cartridge and never got it back. Still have the original box, manual and map.

        Bought it from Virtual Console, but isn't the same. No longer can maintain a weapon charge and access the ring commands :(

          Use to grind the hero up to level 7 in the area just before Potos village on the Rabites.
          Other grind spots were;
          Caves at Gaia's Navel
          Frosty Forest

          I still have the original cartridge but none of the other stuff.
          Greatest game ever.

    Probably Secret of Mana, I only ever played this series as Seiken Denitsu 3 on an emulator. :) Spent so many hours playing that..And then the rom would bug out and just display a whole bunch of clouds which would obscure my vision of an entire level completely...I remember aimlessly wondering around blind in one of the later levels and actually managing to kill the boss at the end despite not even knowing what he looked like. ahh memories!

      You didn't have the proper transparency enabled on a certain layer. I also supposed you walked through Final Fantasy II / IV's Mist cave totally blind like me, eh?

      Also, Kevin, Duran and Lise = God tier team.

        Haha yep I sure did! That sounds fixable! Wish I knew that back then;
        I was always more of an Angela, Duran + Lise fan myself!

    I woulda said Seiken Densetsu 3 (Secret of Mana 3)... I don't think SM (SD2) looked that good.


    I recognised this immediately, not for the monster, but for the environment. Don't think I got far enough to see that monster.
    I never did finish any Mana game other than Legend. In Secret and 3 I always got stuck at the same point with no idea where to go, in Evermore I couldn't beat the swamp boss, and Sword I got bored of around the time I reached the final dungeon.
    I should really go back and finish them.

    I can't believe no-one has said FInal Fantasy XIII yet.

    Yeah pretty sure that's Seiken Densetsu 3, not SoM

    Secret of Mana. YES. This game will forever live in my memory as the best game ever. I will never play it again for fear of toppling it from that pedestal.

    Well, that's a fork... so I'm saying Cooking Mama?

    Hmmm. Secret of Mana. My first SNES game. Still have it in the original box in a tub somewhere. Loved that game.

    I remember wagging 3 weeks off school to sit around at home playing that on an Emulator back in 1999. That, and Final Fantasi II (Nes) and Final Fantasy V on NESticle / ZSnes

    Awww, memories.

    O.M.G. Secret of Mana on the SNES! That is one of my top 5 for sure. So much fun multiplayer!
    And.. that's in the area with the Moogles if I remember correctly. Where you walk the seasons in reverse... and those f'ing frogs.. So much rage. Yet so much love <3
    Nice choice.

    First time a game that I've played has popped up here and I couldn't even ID it haha.


    Secret of mana! first one for a few weeks i knew straight away :D

    Classic title!
    But yes, it is indeed Secret of Mana

    I'm proud to say I own a boxed copy of SoM with map and all. As well as copies of the japanese versions of both SoM1 and SoM2.

    Now if we can just get square to stop beating the dead horse known as final fantasy and get them to re-release the 2 Snes games we'll be in business! I think it's about time we got a official SoM2 release don't you?

    The nightmares of that forrest will haunt me to the end of my days. The puzzle fo walkingthe seasons...eugh.

    Still, my favourite RPG of all time, beiing that it was also my first.

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