Remember This?

Can you remember this classic game from one single screenshot? Yes. Probably. But let's continue this little game regardless! As always, if someone gets the answer before I check in, feel free to talk shop about this awesome title.


    I would concur with this, KQ5.

    yeah, ditto

    Google Goggles tells me this is Kings Quest V - Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder.


      This guy works for kotaku... right?

        I do, but Mark doesn't tell me the answers.

      How do you google an image? Is there actually a way to do that?

        Google Goggles!

        It's an application for Android phones which scans an image for objects/text and displays relevant information from Google for them! It's magic! xD

          That sounds pretty cool.. I wonder what horrible uses I can come up with for this

      Is it safe to assume you posted this AFTER the correct answer was already posted above? Because if not, that would kind of destroy the game right????

        Yeah, of course! I was just checking with Google Goggles!

        I still may be wrong, though! :P

          Cool beans, just checking.

          Apparently Google Googles is available for iOS also (according to the site) but it doesn't appear to be on the Australian App Store.

            On iOS, Google Goggles is part of the Google Search app. Just tap the camera icon next to the search bar when you open the app.

      Actually, it's Absence Makes The Heart Go Yonder

        That's what I said... :P


    King's Quest V no doubt. That's where you need to throw the shoe to the mouse (not that those games were non-sensical or anything)

      Correction: to the cat to save the mouse.

        Yeah thats right at the bakehouse. I never beat this game I always got turned into a frog :(

    Damnit, first one I've known for a while.

    One thing I didn't like about this game- you needed information from the game manual to get a tune for in the desert (IIRC). Of course, the manual was missing and the guide book doesn't mention what it is other than directing you to the manual!! So um... never finished the game.

      The information you had to get from the manual was a form of copyright making sure you had a legal copy. Space Quest did it and I believe one of the other Quest games did it too.

        And I thought Metal Gear Solid invented that... *is sad*

      I vaguely remember being asked something from the manual when you get into the boat to to go the Harpies. Could be wrong though.

      PS: I hated that fricking desert

    I've only played the first King's Quest, but I definitely had this pegged as a later King's Quest game based on the style. Seems everyone before me is confident it's KQ5.

    Now post a Space Quest screenshot and I'll not only tell you which game, but what you have to do to solve the puzzle in that room. :P

    Van Gough... the early years?
    Or Rembrant... the very early years.

    Ah King's Quest 5...

    I remember my parents getting it for me as a birthday present but buying it with 3.5" floppies when our PC still only had a 5.25" drive. Sierra had phased out shipping games with both disk format options so we needed to send the 3.5"s back to the US to have Sierra replace them.

    It was another six months before I got to play it :(

    we're the aaaaaaaaants
    here from king aaaantonyyyyyy
    we're coming to heeeeeelp
    king graaaaaaaaaaaaaham

    I believe this maybe Kings Quest 3 vga remake. Not as memorable as the cga/ega original, but...

    'It vill' cost you von' gold coin to see Madame Mooshka...'

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