Reminder: Aussie Street Pass Event At The Sydney Opera House

The good folks at Aussie-Nintendo are organising a Sydney Street Pass meet up for those folks who are still trying to plough through the Street Pass Quest. Head to the Sydney Opera House tomorrow afternoon between 1-2pm for a stream of Street Pass gold.

After taking my Street Pass obsession to ludicrous heights, I'm slightly over the whole thing. Seamus is constantly hassling me to bring in my 3DS, but I'm a broken man.

Regardless - for those still up for the Street Pass fight, here are the details.

What: Sydney 3DS StreetPass Event. Where: At the steps of the Sydney Opera House. When: Saturday the 7th of May from 1pm - 2pm.

Kudos to the Aussie-Nintendo guys for organising such a cool event!

Sydney 3DS StreetPass Event [Aussie-Nintendo]


    You're going to be in your element, mate lol

      I can't even look at my 3DS now without wanting to throw up.

        Would that be due to the streetpass or the 3d sassafrass?

    I've already finished street puzzle quest twice. And only a few more puzzle pieces left to go. I hope they bring out more hats and puzzles in an update soon.

    See ya's tomorrow! Can't wait for this, gonna be sweeeeeet

    Melbourne are having one also:

    Brisbane are also having one May 14 at 11am:

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