Report: British Children Are Getting Soft

In the dark times, before the internet and video games, British children played outside. Now? They don't!

According to a British Triathlon and Tata Steel poll of 1500 children aged six to 15, 10 per cent could not ride a bicycle and 15 per cent could not swim. More numbers, via the BBC:

- 22% had never run 400m - 15% had never played a sport with their parents - 33% didn't own a bicycle - 77% owned a game console - 68% owned a mobile phone

There is some fun with data going on here. For example, 23 per cent of children do not own a game console, and 32 per cent don't own a mobile phone. That's almost as many as the kids who do not own a bicycle!

The real issue here is that a number of kids said they'd never played a sport with their parents. That's a shame.

Young people, old people, please go outside. Video games are great (they really are), but so is riding a bicycle, collecting insects and kicking a soccer ball. Do that, too.

A generation of children 'turn their backs on sport' [BBC]


    My son is 8 and cant ride a bike. He liked his bike but just as he as getting to the age where the training wheels come off he found my old skateboard and has not looked at his bike since.

    Though my kids aren't really into games witch just goes to show all kids try and disappoint their parents. I would have killed for a dad as cool as me when I was their age.

    Its not that the kids are getting softer, its that adults are getting more protective..

    I remember at school there were so many rules..
    don't play with sticks,
    don't climb trees,
    don't play in the stream,
    don't play on the equipment when its wet,
    you cant play outside without a hat,
    you cant play softball/cricket during recess,
    you cant play 'British bulldogs' anymore,

    and then i watch movies like 'stand by me' where kids were able to go on a fricken hike/camp for 3 days and not have parental supervision!! at 14!!
    kids don't play outside anymore because because parents don't want them hurt, so instead of going outside to make friends we play on the internet with other kids who are trapped inside.

    And this is bad why?

    Since when does someone "have" to be interested in sport?

    On the bright side, maybe this phenomenon will result in less English Soccer Hooligans, and the attendant English Soccer Riots.

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