Report: Mark Wahlberg Won’t Be In Uncharted Flick

Report: Mark Wahlberg Won’t Be In Uncharted Flick

Director David O. Russell dropped out of Uncharted. He’s taking his goofy-sounding script and Mark Wahlberg with him.

Wahlberg was slated to star in Russell’s cinematic take on Uncharted, which was about “a crime family that metes out justice in the world of art and antiquities” and which didn’t sound like Uncharted.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Russell’s Uncharted script was so long and so ambitious that it was partly responsible for the filmmaker and Sony parting ways.

While the game centres on hero Nathan Drake, Russell added a whole host of supporting characters and hoped to have Joe Pesci and Robert De Niro co-star in the film.

Sony still wants to make the picture and is searching for a new director and new writer to work off an earlier script draft written by written by the writers responsible for the upcoming Conan the Barbarian.

Russell is a talented filmmaker and probably could’ve made something interesting and entertaining. But would it have been Uncharted?

Why couldn’t David O. Russell and Sony make it work on ‘Uncharted’? [ via /Film]

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  • This gives us hope they’ll hire someone better, but it also fills me with fear they’ll hire someone worse.

    Give directing reins to Joss Whedon, he’ll hire Fillion, all will be happy.

    • eh whedon can and should be doing other stuff. The movie should be easy enough to make it’s already all there in the game and luckily the way it’s presented in the game would translate well to film

      unlike say PoP which kinda had a beginning and an end but the entire middle was puzzle solving which doesn’t work for a movie

    • Excellent! ‘Cept Whedon’s gonna be busy with The Avengers soon so we’ll either have to wait until that’s done or get someone else… Nathan Fillion Drake would kick more ass than is available for kicking.

  • Excellent! Now they can cast the person who’s perfect for the role, and has stated that he wants to do it; Nathan Fillion!

  • So maybe it’s back to square 1? All the fanboys can dust off their Nathan Fillon petitions and get ’em cranking again.

    He would be a pretty good Drake though.

    I guess at the end of the day it still begs the question: Does a cinematic actiona adventure game, that in many ways plays like an interactive movie, need a movie? (the key word here is need).

    • Do people still need sequels to their favourite games if those sequels turn out to be garbage? People still need them until they turn out to be garbage.

      Fortunately video game movies aren’t even getting off the mark due to creative issues, companies are no longer pumping out quick video game adaptations, most movies have stalled, and I wouldn’t be surprised if this was just another example.

  • Now to restart the campaign for Nathan Fillion or Joe Flanigan to be Nathan Drake (Or that guy from Buffy/Bones)

    • David Boreanaz? I like him but I don’t think he’d make a good Drake. His far too serious. It’s Fillion or no one.

      I doubt the film will ever get made though.

      • I think he could be funny, though I haven’t really watched much of Bones. Also he is dreamy, which is always a positive

    • Yeah agreed completely, both I can see as Nathan Drake very easily cuz they both have the attitudes for it. The Stargate fanboy system I have tells me Joe would be better though 😛

      • @Tech Knight Just curious, are you familiar with the comic The Boys by Garth Ennis. There was a character called Tek Knight in that comic and, well, he had some problems, pathological deviant problems. You probably don’t want to be associated with him.

    • Joe would work, but seeing as russel was trying to pump the movie with as many big names(generally so you can make a crap movie and have it sell gangbusters anyway) they might want someone a little more known.

      Fillion at least has castle which is current as well as other projects he’s done over the years.

      flannigan has SGA which puts him with a fanbase of 2-4million in the states. Last i saw he was doing Tv movies which is never a good sign 😛

  • Dudes, just get the writers for the games to come up with another pulp Indiana Jones-style adventure story with Drake, Sully and co. hoofing it around the world in search of treasure and mystery. Then give Fillion the role of Drake. “Crime family”, what the fuck were they thinking there? It’s pretty simple to make a fun Uncharted film that’s accurate to the source material.

    • David O. Russell had a script for a movie he wants to make, he thought he could get it made if he changed the title to “Uncharted”.

      Perhaps the Fans yelling about how the movie would be BS and not be “Uncharted” ended it.

      I still want to see this “Crime Family” movie, the talent and the concept sound interesting I just don’t want it to be shoe horned into a “Uncharted” maybe he should try Tomb Raider?

  • That’s a shame. I was looking forward to Russell’s faithful version of Uncharted with all those crime families, space aliens, unicorns and the 1987 Houston Oilers that are in the game.

  • awesome. Russel should still take his script and go direct that movie he was pitching.

    All we wanted was to not have the brand “Uncharted” tacked to it.

    Fans already have a vision for the kind of movie Uncharted should be. I have a a problem with idiots from Hollywood trying to capitalise on a known brand…

    but I have more of a problem with idiots who do that AND destroying the vision of real fans in the process

  • I still don’t get the problem of having Nolan North portray Nathan Drake without CGI makeup on.

    It’s not like he doesnt do any of the mo’cap cut scenes already.

    • If you were a studio executive would you give the thumbs up to casting a voice actor whose best known regular acting gig was General Hospital in 1997 and has never done a movie as the lead in a potential million dollar franchise film?

      Not if you like your parking space.

      • I understand that but I was more talking the general fan-space. Everyone seems to want someone else but the original.

        For me without Nolan North’s voice and delivery it will never be Nathan Drake.

  • Too ‘long and ambitious’?, the article I read said that the studio rejected the script because it deviated completely from the source material and they were unhappy with it, apparently the only similarity was the character being called Nathan Drake, he even dropped the Francis Drake connection. Then I imagine D O Russel called everyone a f-word-ing c-word and went home to kick things, as is his modus operandi.

    You know who would be both good and within the pay scale for a game movie? Joe Carnahan (Smoking Aces, Narc, A Team), he could give an Uncharted film balls.

  • They really need a director who can understand the task of taking an existing franchise and remaining true to it, whilst still creating a great film.

    A person who could do this would actually be a very CREATIVE person. Their story would be contained within that franchise, meaning they’re essentially not able to call the shots however they want.

    I think there’s too many directors in Hollywood that can’t solve the riddle of “contained creativity”. Those ones would probably call it “constrained creativity” haha

    Obviously, David O. Russell would use the latter phrase.

    For the UNCHARTED film, they need to find the next Christopher Nolan, Zach Snyder or Matthew Vaughn.

    He’s out there, they just gotta find him!







      “Jeez, how am I get out of this one?”



      • ha, I was referring more to their ability to craft a decent film out of existing franchises without straying from the core storylines.

        But that works too haha

  • No brainer why not just cast Nolan North as Nathan Drake duh! Gore Verbinski to direct… washed up stargate bums either…bring on hatemail fools

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