Report: PlayStation Store Reopens May 24, Quickly Flooded With New Content

Sony's PlayStation Store has been offline for almost a month following an attack on the company's PlayStation Network, leaving PlayStation developers without a digital storefront to sell their wares. That should changes next week, according to new memo from Sony.

The PlayStation Store is scheduled to return starting May 24, according to a report from Gamasutra which cites an e-mail from PSN content manager Jack Osorno to development partners. On May 24, content previously scheduled for April 26 will go live, with Sony attempting to catch up with rapid updates to the store.

New content is reportedly coming quickly, with updates continuing on May 27, May 31 and June 3, doubling the typical weekly update schedule.

Sony is expected to have its "Welcome Back" content available soon after the PlayStation Store comes back online, offering a handful of free games, movie rentals and membership to its PlayStation Plus subscription service.

Sony Tells Dev Partners PlayStation Store To Return May 24 [Gamasutra]


    This news pleases me... so much content to buy!

    Code redemption will first... Outland & Beyond Good & Evil next and Rock Band DLC thereafter!

    And of course all the freebies! :)

      I agree with those priorities.

    If I were a developer or publisher I probably wouldn't want my game going up in the first week or two. With everybody lining up with their hands out for free games like some kind of f***ed up digital soup-kitchen, I'd be worried people might not want to pay for stuff until they've played their free games.

      "like some kind of f***ed up digital soup-kitchen"

      God. Damn. That's. Funny.

    "That should changes next week, according to new memo from Sony."


    (lays out DLC acquisition plan for the next two weeks)

    this sums up what PSN users are thinking:

    hahahahhahahaha "soup kitchen" I love it. Thats awesome

    I have learnt my lesson. Sony can no longer be trusted with our credit card numbers...

      They can have mine. I want Outland.

        They can have mine too, I'm more concerned for my financial well being when the store comes back up and the week or so following.

        OHMAIGAT I want that! *buy*
        OHMAIGAT I want that too! *buy*

        That and Steam's daily sales are my greatest concern at the moment, but thankfully since Operation Flashpoint : DR was up for $5, I haven't been tempted since.

    I won't be adding my new debit card to my PS account (I cancelled my previous one over security concerns after the hack originally hit), I'll just go and buy a s***load of pre-paid PSN cards.

    LA Noire DLC,LA Noire DLC,LA Noire DLC,LA Noire DLC,LA Noire DLC,LA Noire DLC,LA Noire DLC,LA Noire DLC,LA Noire DLC,LA Noire DLC,LA Noire DLC,LA Noire DLC.... take a goddamn wild guess!

    has australians gotten the 1 month of playstation plus yet?

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