Resident Evil Movie Director Spends Days Watching Other People Play Resident Evil

Resident Evil Movie Director Spends Days Watching Other People Play Resident Evil

How does director Paul W.S. Anderson keep coming up for ideas for new entries in the Resident Evil film franchise? According to his wife, series star Milla Jovovich, “professional video game players” do his research for him.

Paul Anderson doesn’t have time to play through the Resident Evil games himself. He’s far too busy doing important movie directing things, such as coming up with new way to keep his model / actress wife on the big screen despite films like Ultraviolet. Thanks to the clone army introduced in Resident Evil: Extinction, Anderson doesn’t have to worry about having sex withheld any time soon, so he can focus instead on watching footage of kids playing Resident Evil games for hours on end.

“Paul knows kids that are professional video game players,” Milla said. “All they do is play the games until they master every level and unlock every code. They play the games for weeks and give Paul the footage. So he’s literally watching days of the most awesome Resident Evil players out there to get inspiration for the next installment of the franchise.”

One has to assume these “kids” are getting paid for their time, which makes this a brand new way to make money playing video games. Time for me to move out to Hollywood and start sending out my game playing résumé.

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  • He clearly isn’t watching Resident Evil games being played, given how insanely different (and garbage) the movies are

  • Wondered what he was doing. It’s obvious he’s not speading his time reading scripts…

  • I can’t imagine ‘professional video game players’ who ‘play the games until they master every level and unlock every code’ would be particularly good for distilling the essence of a game setting, especially a genre typically driven by survival.

    If someone were to try and describe a horror game to me I would much rather get the story from an ‘average’ gamer who stumbles through the dark and runs out of ammo and pokes around in corners for notes and logs, occasionally getting stuck when they realise the key they need is at the other end of the hallway that has 4 zombies when they only have 3 bullets… instead of the ‘pro gamer’ who speed runs or min/maxes stats and items like an accountant.

    ‘playing a game’ does not always equal ‘experiencing a game’

  • Surprising, seeing as the more RE movies we get, the more it deviates from the games!

    The latest RE was nothing to shout about…with wayy too much slow-mo on unnecessary scenes.

    And with the amount of actual RE material he used, you think he probably just watched a bunch of game trailers and called it research

  • It seems to me that this approach would be similiar to a director getting the rights to make a Metroid movie, and then he goes to youtube and watches a couple of the sequence-breaking speed runs and says “oh, sure ok, I get it…” and goes and makes the movie based on that alone … 😛

  • Please someone give me a link for the petition to remove Paul W.S Anderson as the director of RE movies, and also Milla Jovovich, this is not about alice, this is Resident Evil!

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