Riccitiello: EA "Announcing A Big Shift To Offence"

EA's CEO John Riccitiello, speaking at a recent earnings call, has claimed that EA is now in the process of going from defence - cutting costs and consolidating - to offence. Which could spell big things for EA in the coming years, as they prepare for a rapid increase in digital development and distribution.

"Over the coming years," claimed Riccitiello, "we will transform EA from a packaged goods company to a fully integrated digital entertainment company."

Riccitiello also claimed EA is looking to focus on leveraging specific franchises across a multitude of platforms, including mobile. In addition, it seems as though EA are primed, through their online service, to utilise their own brands digitally - which could suggest EA is attempting to prepare for the inevitable rise of digital distribution.

"While we will continue to be a great partner to our best retail customers and first party partners," said Riccitiello, "you will see the beginnings of a consumer game platform emerge at EA that complements and extends the console ecosystem and addresses the wider opportunity on other devices."

EA has become increasingly aggressive in recent months, pushing forward massively in mobile development. Having just purchased Firemint, EA is now in possession of two of Australia's largest mobile developers - the other being Iron Monkey.

It'll be interesting to see where EA's new strategies will lead them in the longer term.

Riccitiello's EA Shifts From 'Defense' To 'Offense' [Gamasutra]


    EA on defence: cutting costs, consolidating

    EA on offence: releasing even more sub-par games and charging a stupid amount of money for them. Also charging subscriptions for aforementioned sub-par software.

    I dare you to prove me wrong.

      Mass Effect 2.

        And Battlefield, Dead Space, Dragon Age, NFS: Hot Pursuit, etc.

        They're one of the better 3rd party publishers around these days.

    I honestly don't really care if they are making mobile games. There are plenty of good mobile games out there that I already don't have the time to play, I don't need any more.

    Digital distribution is something I'm interested in though. I'm a little bit worried though that if we have multiple stores selling digital games, like Steam, then will games start becoming store exclusives like consoles get exclusives. Imagine if you had multiple digital delivery stores each with different accounts and different games because the games you want aren't all on the one system.

    I hope this never happens but if it did it could turn into a nightmare.

      Sounds like you are writing the script for the future....

      I can so see that happening and can so see it being F***ing Annoying

    Given the horrific mess of sign-ins required to play their games online, I don't think EA will be at all able to deal with the digital future.

    One user name. One password. All my games at my fingertips. That's the goal, and Valve beat you there, EA.

      Furthermore, I should add: Because I already have the system I want in the aforementioned Steam solution, I am massively disinclined towards even looking at another.

        Yeah because everyone loves a monopoly.

        "Oh someone has already invented something good...lets not bother trying"

        That's just a retarded, naive viewpoint.

        One typical of Steam fanboys though.

    Long Live Packaged Goods!! I want to display (and store) my physical goods!!!!

      Damn straight. Nothing brings more satisfaction than a shelf full of games. Plus I like the fact that if the platform manufacturer goes bust I can still play them.

      Add to the fact if your PC needs a wipe it's just a quick Install from CD/DVD and your ready to roll! =D

    I hate you EA, I really do.

    You rush your devs into releasing sub-par products, you discourage the pre-owned market, you have DRM so far up your asses we can see your liver, you charge us rediculous prices in Australia just because you've been doing it for over a decade and you think we put up with it... news flash, we don't.

    You take our favourite franchises, and you drive them into the ground. Red Alert 3 was the crappiest piece of crap I've ever seen. Crysis was a superb game, with great AI and visuals, then you forced Crytek to release on multi-platform and the AI and engine suffered as a result. Mass Effect is now a multi-console game, and it's been announced ME3 is coming to the iOS.. This has your grubby hands all over it.

    I really hope this move causes EA to crumble under the pile of shit they've built themselves.


      RA3 wasn't so bad... was fairly decent tho definitely much more IMBA than the 3 way Nod, GDA and Toss... ermm i mean Scrinn factions from CnC3

      CnC4 on the other hand.... my gawd someone should be tarred, feathered and dragged to the street and shot for that =_=;;; What a way to screw up an ending...

    Well since EADM doesn't work I don't see how they will pull this off.

    I bought Bad Company 2 and Vietnam from EA when it was really cheap...it wouldn't install properly regardless of what I tried. At one point it was asking me to insert the disc for the game. EA Tech Support were useless and being a digital copy there are no refunds, so I went ahead and got it on Steam.

    Steam forever, EADM never.

    I think that a lot of the older video game companies, as well as EA will struggle in these early years of mobile development. It's a whole different beast than console and PC games.

    The fact that you needed a of cash for a triple A title meant that the market was pretty much kept free of smaller developers and smaller ideas. But on mobile gaming (from what I've seen so far) any game has the possibility of becoming the new ultra best seller. No longer does the biggest budget mean the biggest sales.

    And given that almost all of these big publishers are just content to copy each others ideas and milk them dry. I'm guessing original ideas aren't high on the agenda.

    Starting offence? They've been offending us for ages!

      You nailed it!

    What offense?

    Their very presence in our world is already disgustingly offensive.

    I just hope they disappear but world can never be perfect I guess.

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