RIFT Debuts Free Trial And 'Ascend-A-Friend' Programs

Ever get the feeling that MMOs take their recruiting ideas from Fitness First? We reckon so, especially considering Trion Worlds' latest schemes to convince more people to make the grand leap across to RIFT.

In an attempt to perhaps sway MMO fans teetering away from the granddaddy that is World of Warcraft, Trion Worlds is debuting a seven day free trial, which allows player to check out the game at no cost, and a new 'Ascend-a-friend' program. As a player you can recruit friends by giving them free passes, if said friend becomes a subscriber, you'll gain a variety of rewards.

“Since launching just over two months ago, RIFT has dramatically disrupted the online gaming landscape, giving players the most massive, dynamic, and engaging MMO experience currently available,” said Scott Hartsman, Executive Producer, RIFT. “With the Free Trial and Ascend-a-Friend programs, we’re opening the floodgates, inviting all into this amazing world to experience what gamers around the globe already know – that Telara is the new destination for serious MMO players.”

According to Trion, the rewards are as follows:

Ascend 1 Friend – It’s like getting two friends for the price of one! If just a single buddy purchases RIFT, you’ll receive Courage, a fiercely loyal and utterly adorable canine companion. Ascend 2 Friends – You’re immensely popular, and you know it. Demonstrate this undeniable fact by donning the glorious Trailblazer Hat, which you’ll receive after Ascending a pair of peers. Ascend 3 Friends – You don’t get this many friends through charm alone. By bringing three new subscribers into the game, you’ll receive the Swift Ember Steed mount, a terrifying equine wreathed in flame that is sure to turn heads in Telara.

What do you guys think of programs like this? Will they sway you to check out Rift?


    im more interested in Tera http://www.tera-online.com/

      This "Tera" looks amazing, but for some reason this is the first i'm hearing of it. Why has it not gotten more publicity or have i just been unluckily blind till now?

        It's still in development, there hasn't even been any closed beta dates for it yet.

        Believe me this game is going to rock the MMO world much more than a game that's riding on the success of ugh 'wow'

    The Fitness First guys trying to get new members to sign up at my local shopping center never talk to me.
    Maybe I'm too skinny for their tastes.
    I feel excluded and lonely.

    Will we see oversized beefcakes walking around with a Rift backpack, I hope not.

    So, who wants me to recruit them? I'll give you cookies!

      There, go forth my minions!

    With MMOs I am not sure about I always wait for a 7 day free trial.

    Rift just brought out the group tool, so I guess this is a good time to throw out some free game play to those who weren't sure about playing or not.

    I want that damn horse for inviting 3 people that's for sure. :)

    I won't post my link up again though, I did that on the last Rift topic about this lol

      Thanks Mick

      Found your post on the last article and used your referral code, I'll give it a go tonight.

      I'm pretty happy the downloads pretty quick at 1.5MB/s should be done in an hour. Does anyone know if there are any un-official Oceanic/Aussie servers?

        Yea, the 3 un-offical offical oceania servers are.

        Rift Oceanic PVE Server: Wolfsbane
        Rift Oceanic PVP Server: Briarcliff
        Rift Oceanic RP Server: Faeblight

        - I went onto Epoch though cause a few RL mates went there, the oceania time zone is so/so on Epoch.. getting better though.

    got 1 and 2 already... would like 3... let me know if u want an invite :P

    I once saw a fitness first pusher working the bus stop at the shopping center near me, seriously they are like drug dealers.

    Ok kiddies...I want, no scratch that NEED, that Swift ember steed mount!

    So if you have any inclination to play RIFT (which is awesome btw) then click here for your free 7 day trial...


    "Ever get the feeling that MMOs take their recruiting ideas from Fitness First?"

    So true. Though, mmo's arent quite as pushy.

    Free code for rift:


    If anyone whats a free trial then here. Buy if you want or don't, up to you.


    This is just comical.

    I contacted their customer service asking about a trial and they said they couldn't help me.

    My partner and I both wanted to subscribe, but not have to pay for the game twice, they couldn't help. So sorry, they've just lost 2 customers who spend thousands of dollars a year on MMO's.

      so you want to buy the game once... and play it on 2 systems with the same login?

      fuck how cheap are you? i don't think i've ever seen an MMO allow this? none of the major players anyway... of course i could be wrong but i thought the whole point was 1 account/copy per player


    Help me get a burning horse, pretty please

      did u ever get that hourse i want oe to lol

      did u get that hourse i want one to

    they are have big help for me

    wow and i dont meen war craft i was drawn to this game and im not evan a computer gamer i couldnt find what i was into i got a feeling rift gonna be the needle and we r goingt o be loyal arms folling its every fix

    by the way weres my free trial i had to pay arma and a leg

    wow and i dont meen war craft i was drawn to this game and im not evan a computer gamer i couldnt find what i was into i got a feeling rift gonna be the needle and we r goingt o be loyal arms folling its every fix

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