Rock Band Hits 100 Million Song Downloads

While you could argue that the popularity of rhythm games is on the decline, Harmonix has recently stated that the Rock Band store has seen its 100 millionth download.

“We recently hit a significant milestone,” claimed Chris Rigopulos, Harmonix’s VP of business development. “More than 100 million songs have been downloaded for Rock Band. It’s amazing.”

According to Chris, while plenty have claimed the 'band' genre is dying, Rock Band as a platform continues to attract strong numbers each month.

"With all of the negative press around the band genre," he begins, "you might be surprised to learn that we still see more than a million unique users log on each month to play Rock Band and to pick up new music – and it’s not the same million players each month. Rock Band is a game that people can put down for a month to play Portal 2, or whatever new release captures their attention, and then fire up Rock Band again."

The interview, over at Game Informer, is a highly informative one - especially for those fans who have persisted with the Rock Band franchise. Well worth checking out.

The Past And Future Of Rock Band DLC [Game Informer]


    From the whole article... another Foo Fighters pack based on their new album is fantastic news, I serious love the album.

    More Ozzy and will certainly look at picking up that Peter Frampton track, they will certainly be seeing alot more of my money. Actually considering picking up the Keyboard today after work.

    Damn it PSN, come back, I need to give you money!!!!

    Good on them. Rock Band looks after their players. They have a good platform with backwards compatibility for the songs, disc exports, etc.

    Rock Band is one of the few franchises where DLC was done right. It was obviously the better path instead of just shoving more add-on discs down your consumers' throats every quarter *cough* Guitar Hero.

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