Rockstar Says Reports Of L.A. Noire Locking Up Xbox 360s Are False

Rockstar Games has been unable to replicate any Xbox 360 lock-ups while running L.A. Noire, calling any reports that blame the label's hot new game for 360 freezes as "categorically untrue".

The company's official blog offers links for tech support, a day after it also shot down fears that PlayStation 3 firmware was meddling with PS3 versions of the game.


    I suppose I just imagined those two occasions where the game froze up on me in the exact same spot (using the phone in the back of Ray's bar). I ended up going outside to use the police phone instead.

    I haven't had any lock ups but the frame rate is appalling at times on the 360. I have a PS3 too and would be interested to hear how that versions frame rate holds up?

    I work at a software retailer and of the batch of games we had, we had 2 customers suffering the exact same problem. Freezing/Lockups less than 5 minutes into the game.

    We even replaced the disc for one of the customers and they experienced the exact same issue, except it crashed at a different place the second time around.

    While I don't doubt that this is effecting a minority and I also don't doubt that firmware is most likely not the culprit. This issue definitely exists and is far from being "untrue".

    No probs for me, couple of frame rate drops, but other then thats its been fine.

    Played about 25 hrs over the weekend and it locked up on a case, so I restarted and the save file was corrupt.
    It kept my rank but couldn't access my most recent case.
    Looks like I'll be getting my replay value early.

    Not a biggie replaying it I guess as I'm pretty sure I sent some innocent suspects to jail :S

    I think there is some support available on this issue on the rockstar forums, hasn't worked for me yet.

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