Rumor: Microsoft Is Buying Skype

Reuters reports that Microsoft is in talks to buy internet voice communications company Skype for around $US8.5 billion. What does that mean to you? Well, you'd presumably kiss Skype on the PSP goodbye. You could also, in a perfect world, expect Skype to hit the 360 via Kinect. [Reuters]


    Surely I cant be the only one who doesnt use Skype? If I want to talk to someone, Ill phone them up; my plan is ace. If its someone I have met over the Internet, Ill use Steam chat. (The only place I add/meet people).

      My parents live on the Gold Coast, my brother and his family live overseas. Skype video chat so my mother can see her grandchildren > talking on the phone.

    Is this really gaming news?

      I for one am so sick of people complaining that Kotaku or Gizmodo or whatever website are posting a story outside of their field.

      Microsoft sells the Xbox 360. The Xbox 360 has a peripheral 'Kinect', which is a camera. The device has functionality to video call Windows Live Messenger users. If Microsoft buys Skype, a product which provides a platform for video calls.

      Hence, it is plausible that Kinect users could video chat with Skype users. This is related to the Xbox 360, hence gaming.

      Please don't complain.

      Have a pleasant evening.

    Could also mean we'd kiss goodbye to Skype on Android/iPhone and see it go Windows Mobile exclusive.

    Although I'm not sure it'd actually be wise for them to do that - they'd be potentially opening up a gap in the market for a competitor to fill with a similar service.

      Agreed - I don't think they'll remove Skype from other devices - they will however incorporate it into Kinect (I've never used Skype but the Kinect Video chat works great, with both my brothers - in other cities - owning one)

    Why would they remove Skype off existing systems. In the case of Android, you can get many Microsoft products already.

    And in the case of the PSP, it'd be Sony who then wouldn't want it. As it would give Microsoft an option to put advertising infront of their users.

    Please no... I use skype for voice chats cuz windows live messenger can't do it for shit. I don't want microsoft getting their hands on this! -.-

      sorry lad its done and dusted

    great another thing microsoft can ruin

      yeah, cause it's not like Microsoft has been successful at anything... oh wait.

    Rumor: Kotaku Posts Story About Videogames

      We're roughly 3 weeks from E3 and the owners of Xbox are buying one of the most well know video communication services...

      Given what Kinect does... I'd say it's relevent.

    There was rumours about Facebook buying it earlier

    my guess is it WILL happen its just a matter of guessing the company who ends up winning the buy.

    I hope its Jack Daniels, so they can give out free skype credit with every bottle, making everyone drunk dail :D

      I want to see who's first to intergrate Youtube

    I would love to see Microsoft slap Skype into WP7. It's ridiculous how they don't have an app for that.

    Isn't part of Skype's value that it is available on all kinds of devices? If Microsoft were to cut off support from those other systems, wouldn't that effectively destroy the value of their purchase?

    and hear i was thinking maybe google could buy to i dunno...spy on people, i think skype should be open to any device, but i think microsoft incorporating skype is more likely than buying it...can't see why they would have skype and windows live messenger

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