Rumour – NGP’s Official Name Is PS Vita

Rumour – NGP’s Official Name Is PS Vita

Rumour – NGP’s Official Name Is PS VitaWe won’t know for sure until E3 we expect, but rumours swirling across the ether are currently claiming that the NGP may be in for a name change – and that name is PS Vita.

Despite the fact that NGP was starting to grow on us, we knew it was a temporary monicker, and whether or not the NGP is called PS Vita or not, we can be sure we’ll probably find out the NGP’s proper name come E3.

But let’s review the supporting evidence, collated by VG247.

– Domain registrations were put through for and – This blog stated that the NGP would now, in fact be called PS Vita – Ripten apparently has a source stating similar things, plus that the new Uncharted game is called Uncharted: Golden Abyss.

That being said this has to be treated as a rumour until now. We won’t know for sure until E3.

Rumour – NGP to be called PS Vita [VG247]


  • Is that ‘Vee-ta’ or ‘Vy-ta’?

    That reason alone is already enough for me to think it might not be the best name

      • *shudder*

        The captial letters SAYGA brings back a horrible memory

        I had just bought my girlfriend the Sonic collection on xbox and she was at my place and wanted to play it. At the time I had my xbox hooked up to a computer monitor and speakers instead of the TV. I put the game in and warned her that she she should turn down the speakers as they will probably be up too high.

        She accidentally turned the volume dial the wrong way and put it all the way to max, as I was leaning over it after putting the game in. The first thing that comes on when you put the sonic collection in


        It was so loud it felt like the word was reverberating through my body. I couldn’t even move away as it went off because I was just paralysed with the volume of it, when I sat down my heart was beating like crazy.

        She thought it was hilarious.

    • I was going to ask that as well. Either way it’s not that great of a name. They should just call it the PSP 2. I’ll admit that’s unimaginative but at least people would know what they’re getting and it keeps it in line with the ps, ps2 and ps3.

    • Well if its ‘vyta’ then it’ll remind me too much of vita-weats and I’ll have to fight the urge to buy 2 NGPs, spread them with vegemite then squeeze them till the vegemite oozes out through the holes

    • Considering the way that franchise pumps out merchandise (including PSP games) you might be on to something there. Maybe a limited edition one in red?

  • Makes me think of Vita-Weat. Bland and easily breakable.

    Maybe if i buy two and squeeze them together really hard vegemite will come out of the speaker grill?

  • Do not want. IMO it’s a terrible name, but since when has the opinion of actual customers ever entered into naming; Xbox 360, anyone? And I assume the inevitable update will be called the Vita-Lite?

    I’m sure I’m not the only one that thinks they should have just stuck with NGP, just redescribed it as Next Generation Playstation.

  • I reckon it’s ‘Vee-ta’, given that would make more sense to Japanese language sound sets.

    • I was thinking that too, since it’ll most likely be written in Katakana similar to how PlayStation is written.

      Katakana (and Hiragana for that matter)don’t have a Vy symbol. would most likely use Vi

      ヴィタ (Vita) or ヴィータ (Vii-ta) whichever one floats your boat. . .

        • yeah, funnily enough I thought about that soon after I posted, I only really look into Japanese casually now but I’ve always though the use of successive lower vowel symbols made things unnecessarily complicated, especially when an easier alternative is available.

          But who knows, maybe all this is for naught. Given the negative feedback it’s been generating I wouldn’t be surprised.

  • Which will make it the Playstation Life in Italy – which is a bit weird.

    But then again, I thought the Wii was a terrible name, and they sold like hotcakes.

    • Which in The Netherlands is one of the biggest two football teams. Pronounced Peh-Ess-Vay. Ish. Apparently.

      Maybe Wii has set the trend of gobshite names. Still hoping we get the Nintendo Puu next Xmas…

  • Isn’t It a Japanese company? I’m surprised they would pick the letter V. Most Japanese would say “Bita” in that case which would seem odd to me

  • I think the Latin ‘Vita’ is pronounced /ˈwiː.ta/ (in IPA notation).

    The internets apparently says that in IPA that comes out as ‘Veeta’.

  • I don’t know about you guys, but if it has the games I want, runs smoothly, and doesn’t cost an absurd price I’d still buy it even if they called it the Sony Playstation Cockgobbler.

    I play games, not avoid systems because of their name.

  • If they go with this name, it will forever remind me of that scene in League Of Gentleman where Val and Harvey Denton show Benjamin how to drink his own urine.

    Good job Sony.

  • Seems like a plausible name to me.

    ‘PS Vita’ sounds like it’s step away from ‘PSP2.’ And I got a feeling Sony are aiming at, “It’s not PSP2 because it’s MORE than just a Portable PlayStation! It does social networking, movies, TV and music! Apps!” Blah, Blah.

    If not horrendously expensive, then maybe this could be something. But the handheld gaming market is a much different place these days.

    Every smartphone and every tablet computer is a competitor in this market now.

  • I don’t care what the name is, as long as it has NO region locking & affordable then I’ll gladly put my money on it.

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