Rumoured Starhawk Screens Leak, Curiously Light On Stars

The follow-up to 2007 PlayStation 3 futuristic dogfighter/third-person shooter Warhawk hasn't been a well kept secret. But it appears we may have gotten our first look at the spacey sequel, Starhawk, earlier than officially anticipated.

A handful of small screens purportedly from Starhawk were published earlier today by GameSpot, according to a report from Gaming Everything (via NeoGAF), screens that show a new spin on the multiplayer combat of Warhawk. It appears that on-foot combat is still in, as is the option to drive vehicles.

Perhaps most interesting though are the large mechs seen in two of the leaked screens. Both appear to have wings, seemingly hinting at the option for flying war machines to transform into bipedal mechs. Environments appear interstellar, with a large Saturn-like rings visible in the distance in one shot.

We're expecting to see Starhawk officially revealed in video form in tonight's episode of GameTrailers TV. Until then, let's speculate wildly about this oft-rumored PlayStation 3 exclusive.


    Warhawk is one of the best online games I've played, this will be an instant purchase.

    OMG!! This is awesome!!

    time to wait for microsoft to announce some new exclusive, another one for sony...could be the year of the ps3 (finally)

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