Saints Row: Drive By Cancelled For The 3DS

Saints Row: Drive By was a spin off announced for the 3DS last E3 . THQ has now claimed it is no longer developing the game, according to Joystiq.

The game was also being developed as a PSN/XBLA game, but it's still alarming to see a 3DS title, based on such a strong gaming brand, being abandoned.

Third party titles have typically struggled on the Nintendo's handheld consoles, but recent rumblings from Nintendo, and Satoru Iwata himself have indicated a sea change with regards to how they approach third party development.

It appears that the Japanese giant may have an uphill battle in convincing major third party developers to develop expensive, AAA content for their consoles in the coming years.

THQ: 'We are not developing Saints Row: Drive By' [Joystiq]


    Holy crap.. scared the hell outta me there for a moment..

    I almost thought you were saying they canceled SR3...


    I didn't think Nintendo would have the stomach to have a title like Saints Row on the Nintendo. I thought they wanted to present themselves as a largely family friendly brand. A few shooter titles or whatever, but largely cutesy type stuff.

    I admit I haven't played a Nintendo product in a long time but don't they generally shy away from games that are like Saints Row? Again, I could be wrong.

      Conker's Bad Fur Day?

        Madworld? Resident Evil 4?

          Ninjabread Man???

          That game was the ultimate cruelty to anyone who played it.

          ...oh.. house of the dead overkill, if you want me to be serious

      GTA Chinatown wars on DS had lots of drug dealing, killing and general filth. Also Mad World and No More Heroes on Wii are pretty brutal.

      Yeh generally they keep things clean but there are some naughty games on Nintendo systems.

      I'm hoping for a good GTA or clone on the 3DS.

    Does this mean they're not doing the PSN/XBLA version also? Maybe they got burned on Red Faction Battlegrounds.

    It seems to me that Capcom started a mini-movement last year with DR: Case Zero as a sort of promotional game but the one's that have tried this since has dropped the ball completely, that Dead Space spin-off was nothing more than an interactive comic book, and Battlegrounds is just a twin-stick shooter (which is a played-out genre IMO), Case Zero at least gave you similar gameplay to the main game - that's why it did so well.

    A bit of a shame, I was hoping to see what they could come up with on the 3DS whether it would be a full open world like the main games or sticking to an overhead view like GTA Chinatown Wars or something different altogether.

    I don't care about Ocarina of Time or Pilot Wings or Star Fox... this was the game I wanted the 3DS for.

    So shattered right now :(

    This is a very very bad sign for Nintendo and in particular the 3DS.

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