Samuel L. Jackson Plays Black Ops

Whether this Samuel L. Jackson soundboard is live (in which case, it must have taken at least two guys) or edited in after the fact, there's little dispute over its comedic value. NSFW language throughout.

Part of a series of YouTube Black Ops soundboard videos going back to the beginning of April, including Pee-Wee Herman, Vin Diesel, and the newly single former governor of Cowl-e-forn-eya.


    Still think the Charlie Sheen one is the best, but this comes close.

    That was really well done. would have to have two people, one on soundboard the other playing :)


    Man... that was so damn good!!!

    I need a nice cold drink of samuel jackson after that one

    Must be quotes from his iPhone app.

    hehe only thing that board needs is "Yes i hope they die, and i hope they burn in hell!"

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