See How L.A. Noire Does Justice To The Faces Of Real TV Stars

Video games might finally be done ruining the performances of quality actors. For months, the makers of the video game L.A. Noire have boasted that their interactive 1947 detective story would use new technology to transport actors' real facial expressions into a virtual world.

Now you can see the results for yourself. Watch our comparison video and witness actors you've probably seen - on Lost, on Mad Men, on Murder She Wrote (!), on so many shows - as their lips curl, their cheeks raise, and their brows furrow in L.A. Noire.


    Damn it, don't say "Well Done Rockstar!", we should be congratulating Team Bondi, not just because they're Aussies and we're patriotic, but because they have made the biggest release in Australian gaming history and on top of that it is one of the most technologically advanced game ever made. Rockstar just gave the money and put their name on the box.

    Team Bondi ffs

    That's fricken' amazing! What a brilliant job...

    ... but what's with 'Well done Rockstar'??! Well done Team Bondi thanks very much! I demand an edit! ;-)

    Yeah, poor form on that. After the epic amount of time it took to make it just go and steal Team Bondis thunder.

    Great video but it wasn't Rockstar it was Team Bondi. If your going to be a journalist get your facts right.

    Damn, poor form congratulating Rockstar, Kotaku. You might want to proof the videos before publishing!

    I have a friend who works for Team Bondi, and I know through him just how hard they worked on this game. The end result looks like all that hard work paid off! (never doubted it)Congratualtions G and Team Bondi. Can't wait to play the game!!

    I think Rockstar in the US had a major part in the face recreation stuff.
    Go Team Bondi too, but, just saying.

    yeah great faces...

    what I wanna know and what I can't find an answer to is does this game use Euphoria physics or elements of the Rockstar RAGE engine?

    rockstar is the publisher and thay put most of the cash up 4 the game butit was team bondi who created all the data, as well as setting up the facial maping (granted thay may have used rockstar to get hold of some of them) but everywhere i look i see websites going "good job rockstar"but thay didnt make it and to be honest it kind of annoys me that this is the biggest game australia has created and thay are not getting any of the credit

    Wait wait WAIT!!! Dr Arzt is in this? Sign me up.

    The whole 'Team Bondi, dammit!' thing is getting a little old..

    We get it, everyone who reads gets it, enough of the Aussie pride chest beating already..

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