Sega's Shinobi And Sonic Generations Outed For Nintendo 3DS

It would appear that the Sonic game with double the Sonic is, in fact, coming to Nintendo 3DS, as already semi-announced by, well, Sega itself. But Shinobi? Well, that's good news too. Thanks, Nintendo Power magazine!

Sonic Generations for 3DS is the cover story for (what is allegedly) the next issue of Nintendo Power. That game has only officially been announced for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, but 3DS and PC versions were hinted at by a recent Sega financial report.

Joining Sonic Generations (and Mega Man Legends 3) is another "classic revival", Shinobi. Exactly what that entails - is it a side-scroller? Is it a 3D action game a la Shinobi for the PlayStation 2? - I don't yet know, but seemingly soon we all will. (It's worth noting that resume scavenger "Superannuation" recently spotted a mention of Shinobi 3DS in development by Griptonite Games.)

Who's getting really excited for E3?!

Nintendo Power Confirms Sonic Generations For Nintendo 3DS [Sonic Stadium]


    I'd love to take that Nintendo Power magazine back to the late 80s-early 90s and see what Nintendo fans had to say about Sonic on the cover

      "Sonic on a Nintendo system. As if!"

      I love how theres a whole page for sonic and a tiny little bar for Zelda....still odd even today.

    This gets my interest in the 3DS up to "lukewarm". I'd probably get it if it weren't for the region-locking and price.

    Still, it'll be interesting to see what Sonic Generations looks like on the 3DS and whether it still has the behind-Sonic view of Unleashed that moves uber-fast. That'd be interesting in 3D (if a little over the top).

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