Shit Game Snap Judgment

Recently, some internet person picked up an unmarked Game Boy game at retailer Hard-Off for a mere ¥105 ($1.29). It's not actually unmarked, with the label scratched completely off. The cartridge's back reads "unko" or "crap" in Japanese.

Our brave shopper stuck the "crap" cartridge in his Game Boy Advance SP, flipped it on and discovered it was Pokémon: Blue, one of the first instalments in the Pocket Monsters series (the other being Red). This game helped launch the whole Pokémon craze.

Toggling through the game's menu, the shopper discovered that the previous owner, "Takuya", had played the game for a mere two minutes and 28 seconds, earning only one badge, before apparently flipping out.

Takuya probably spent longer scratching the game's label off and carving "unko" in the cart than playing the game.

おい!ブックオフでクソゲー買ってきたぞ! [はちま起稿]


    That's hilarious. lol

    I did learn something from the article... I never knew the Japanese version didn't have a blue coloured cartridge. The more you know~

    Though I was half expecting this story to go on saying "Turns out the Pokemon blue cartridge was an early batch of colourless cartridges that is now worth a fortune!" :P

    Riveting story chap.

    Wait the first gym badge in under two min? thats pretty impressive.

    I believe that's 2 hours 28 minutes, it would be very impressive to get the first gym badge in less than 3 minutes.

    Original 150, the best kind of Pokemon!

    Does he only have a ghost Pokemon? Are a slew of dead people involved? Does everyone that plays the game eventually end up dying?

    I swear I've heard a more interesting version of this story somewhere...

      I think you're thinking of the Majora's Mask 'Ben' legend

        Nah he's talking about about Pokemon Ghost Black. Similar to the Majora's Mask one though. Was posted on Kotaku last year:

          I though of that as soon as I posted this one.

          Man, urban legends are cooooooooooool.

          -drip, drip, drip-

          BRB something's dripping on the roof of my car.

    Blue version wasn't actually the first version in Japan. Japan first had Red and Green versions with Blue released later which was an updated version of Green with bug fixes.

      What about the other types?


    I believe the gamer takuya spent 2 HOURS 28 minutes playing the game. There's no way to get the first gym badge in less than 5 minutes- getting through the first few scenes of talking to "mom", prof. Oak and Gary (or whoever) takes at least 4 minutes

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