Shittiest Looking Game Of 2011 Delayed

Multiplatform console title Daisenryaku Perfect: Ruler of the Battlefield is ugly. It really is. The game, which is priced at ¥8190 ($100) and looks like a hat full of arseholes, was supposed to be out this June.

It will not. Instead, the game is being delayed to this fall, giving developers more time "to improve quality". Maybe they can make the game look less like a Sega Saturn title and, god willing, more like a Dreamcast game.

The game is a port of the incredibly buggy PSP version - a game so buggy that some said it was unplayable - that was released last year. It looks... pretty much like the PSP game! And that game didn't look so hot.

What Daisenryaku sacrifices on visual candy, it does offer its fans is a large array of weapons, customisation and, according to the developer, advanced AI. It also looks like shit.

[PS3/Xbox360] 大戦略PERFECT〜戦場の覇者〜 オフィシャルWEBページ [Official Site]


    who is this developed by? a 6yo kid? surely Sony wouldnt allow a game of that quality to be released on the PS3. my personal opinion is that, the writer of this article has the details mixed up a bit. are the devs actually paying "us" to take it and attempt to play it? because honestly, i dont think even $100 would get me playing this for longer than 2-3 minutes. $500 then we'll talk.
    what an embarrassment!

    lol at ugly.jpg

    Tiling the texture on the terrain instead of stretching it would probably make it look a bit better...a bit.

    Looks like it would feel more at home on the PSone.

    Still trying to visualise a 'hat full of arseholes' :-D


      I just did and let me tell you.

      It looks MUCH better then the screenshot above...

    i dont know about you guys, but i think this is a serious GOTY contender here, i mean look at the realism in those white trees....

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